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    Kit for my 11 year old son

    Hi All. If anybody has the following they want to give away or sell, please let me know. - Size 8 boots (Or can swop a pair of Euro 47 Thor boots) - Chest Protector - Size 28 or 30 Pants. Thanks
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    Roof of Africa - Blu Cru

    Strange that it has not been mentioned before. I Pitted for a friend at the Roof this year, and must say the Yamaha Blu Cru was awesome. After each day we droped the bike at the very profesional looking Blu Cru tent and picked it up the next mornig all ready cleaned and serviced. Very impressed...
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    Freeride 250 not starting easily

    I know KTM did a recall on the Freeride for the Bendix if I remember correctly. Took mine in, they replaced at no cost, no Problem
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    Rehab.One more off of the bucket list.

    Sterkte Stomps
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    Wild West red loop times (including resting (and deadlifts))

    I was there last weekend. New route is nice. 1:06 Full koppie and river.
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    De wildt funduro 2016

    I'll take one :thumbs up:
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    KTM 300 xc-w 2014

    I beleive it is...
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    KTM 300 xc-w 2014

    Price Update R 55 000
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    7 Year old - killing it on the track

    a Friend's boy on the track - Have to see
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    KTM 300 xc-w 2014

    Hein. Dont know. But negotiate with Robert.
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    KTM 300 xc-w 2014

    Price Update R 57 000
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    KTM 300 xc-w 2014

    Price Update R 58 000
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    Wanted - Acerbis Aux Petrol Tank

    I will take it please. PM Sent.
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    Wanted - Acerbis Aux Petrol Tank

    Looking for one of these tanks. Want to mount it to my Freeride 250R. I am doing the Brons qualifier in May and am afraid I will run out of juice with the freeride's 7 liter tank.
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    KTM 300 xc-w 2014

    FOR SALE - KTM 300 xc-w 2014 Advertising on behalf of a Friend. Robert 082 921 4574 (Based in Pretoria) 83 Hrs R 55 000
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    Roof Bronze Qualifying ?

    Does anybody have an idea when the Bronze Qualifying race will be in 2016 ?
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    Hells Gate - De Wildt

    Hells Gate has been on our do list for a while. We decided to attempt it on Saturday after Friday nights rain. Just to make it more difficult Took us 2 Hours 15 Minutes, but we made it.. We will be back for more in the dry.
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    Yamaha Clothing

    I wanted to get a buddy some Yamaha clothing for his birth day a week ago in Pretoria. Pretoria Yamaha and Centurion Yamaha had none. Does anybody know where can I get some in the Pretoria area? Also expecting some KTM comments regarding Yamaha Clothing.....:icon_twisted:
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    Enduro League -Wild West

    All entered for the League. Will be doing Wild West next weekend. For once I will be in the top 10 of something....
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    Ford / Mazda / Other Xtra cab Supa cab

    In some parts of the country it is, ford 3 Liter, a quad , Croks, Short PT rakbie broek and sommer n kep van die werk :D :D :D