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  1. red_eye_righley

    Anyone have a scooter

    Hi guys. Looking at getting a cheapie trials bike. Please let me know if you come across a good deal as I'm keen to give it a try. Also, anyone in KZN still playing much? Seems quite dead down here. I went to watch the nationals on Saturday, and only a very few KZN okes there.
  2. red_eye_righley

    Spam posts on Moto101

    Hi mark, Are you doing anything about deleting the people starting all these threads, please. A few examples:
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    Good buy

    Anyone looking for a good buy on a 350: Spotted this out there. I dunno the oke, T's and C's apply. Edit: Epic fail, wrong link attached. @Blankie, I sent that link to DT earlier as it...
  4. red_eye_righley

    Erzberg 2017

    What are your predictions? Post it up chaps.
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    No, I am not talking about the annual BigMike, StuartC and Mark250GP convention. I have always carried some kind of plier mcgafter, but I am not fan of the larger ones. What do you okes use? I am tired of leatherman, but may get another skeletool. I do a bit of flying in and around and every...
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    Hello daar

    Welcome back to me, I look forward to an informative week from you lot. It is only 4 days long, so hopefully we can keep some of you off the rag and you will only lose your shite toward the end of the week. The good news - I'm in the office all week long. The bad news - I'm in the office all...
  7. red_eye_righley

    Pompie - buy this stuff
  8. red_eye_righley

    When the front tyre doesn't matter
  9. red_eye_righley

    The gee vir my before I bin this thread

    Howsit, The intention is to put stuff here you might turf that other okes might need. It might go somewhere, it might not - I have some stuff so it will serve at least some purpose anyway. 1. A KTM125 FMF shorty silcencer, freshly packed. Free to a good home that needs it. Team SBR - did you...
  10. red_eye_righley

    @Bull How happy you will be, order two and you won't need to charge your phone for the next 6 years
  11. red_eye_righley

    Show us your racks

    Chiver - we are waiting But on a more serious note. Because I dont bant one of my surboards has gotten a tad large to fit properly in the back of my canopy/bakkie (its a double cab). Fortunately the back window winds down so it can poke through - but its a bit of a schlep. So - I'm looking for...
  12. red_eye_righley

    Happy happy

    Happy New Year you sorry bunch. What are your plans for the year, if any. Personally I think I will take it upon myself to read the entire banting thread. That will help me lose weight because I won't have time to eat. I will also lose my eyesight, and remind myself what a bunch of knobs creevy...
  13. red_eye_righley

    Etrex 10, 20, 30 bracket/guard

    I've been working on this prototype guard/bracket for a while now. Thanks to Dingo for lending me his GPS, one freebie bracket is yours. This has been designed to cover as much of the GPS without hindering the screen, stay below the bar level if mounted in the centre and most importantly it...
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    Enduro21: Passion for Enduro - First Look - Toby Price?s 2017 KTM Dakar Rally Bike Check this thing. I can like to raaaait this fing to graaaf, Monday to Friday.
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  16. red_eye_righley

    While the cat is away

    He's obviously not here, someone do something risky. Pompie, eat a burger Oz, put a picture that isnt of a trailer Bush Wacker - tell us about your love for Quads, because they have more sticker kit surface area BULL, finally admit that you want a KTM 4 stroke Naughty Ian, stop copying and...
  17. red_eye_righley

    Braai thread, no sensitive people allowed (vegans), but all welcome!

    Show us your sustenance preperation device. We've seen Bull's one, it looks like my oven, but what else you okes got. I want to build myself a built in jobby, and have a 50l geyser drum that I might convert too. Needing ideas. Uncle Stu - we know you are the guru on what bike to buy (depending...
  18. red_eye_righley

    Hand Guards

    Mine are nearing replacement time, way too little talent and way too much falling over. The cyrca units looks great, but they're effing expensive. I quite like the look of some of the Acerbis stuff. I found my previous set of hyde ones were crap and made an otherwise lekker bike look shite (not...
  19. red_eye_righley

    Elections 2016

    Look, I dont want to talk politics, but considering what we are going through here we better discuss something: Summary: Cape Town is dominated by Suzuki - we all know what they say about Cape Town and the way they swing there.... Geroge has a little Beta influence there, they say it is one...
  20. red_eye_righley

    Masehare 4

    Damn this thing is nice, apart from that rear frame guard that looks like it was made on the side of the trail from an old Hyde exhaust guard. Enduro21: Passion for Enduro - My Ride - Alex Salvini Beta RR 300 MY RIDE - ALEX SALVINI BETA RR 300 Better known for competing on four strokes in...