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    Dashcam, any bargains out there?

    Any decent used dashcams for sale? Seen plenty cheap gopro's out there, any good for a dashcam? Require nightvision tho, GP not got, what I have seen. Cheers
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    eBay tips, please

    Hi guys Anyone here bought some car parts from eBay UK based Seller? I need to bring over a few used car parts, bit worried about SARS / Customs bullshit. Least painful process? Cannot find locally. Fiesta TDCI injectors. FML. Long fekking story. If you have a local contact, lemme know...
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    Looking for OEM EFi WR digital speedo / clock. Dead or alive

    Anyone have one lying around? Some fellow Forumite has fcuked up his ones screen. Not water, this time.... Looking for one with good screen, dead or alive, otherwise. 0 7 9 5 0 7 103 1 Benjimutt
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    Best of an average bunch?

    So, anyone else think that Ramaphosa is the best option, for ZA next prez? Not comparing to what we have had and currently have, but more in line with who could have been and I think there will be more opportunities lost, than gained. Very often, in running away from a shithead, we tend to...
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    thank you. sold.
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    1982 250 Yamaha XT for sale

    Yamaha XT for sale. 1982 250cc full offroader. tank redone as new. engine top end redone. busy running in. very neat and runs well. R15000 ono. Alan.082 492 9179. Primrose, Germiston Call Alan for more info. Tx.
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    990 lectrical issue

    Hi gents, Anyone know of a 990adv owner around JHB that I can contact? I need to check some specs on the lectrics, or even a donor bike where I can scoop a regulator off. KTM has them, around R1500 and not 100% sure it is the cause of not charging the battery. This model is 2006. Thanks.
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    zuma and Co.

    Think he will go? NAFF will he be voted out. If he is, he'll still control from a distance.
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    Mayweather vs Mc Gregor..... 26 August 2017

    Who you backing on this bout? Connor is tough AF. But, no formal boxing experience. Floyd? Plenty years in the ring and can go all the rounds. My opinion? Just about the loot. Fokkol more. Or less.
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    Comedy Central Roasting series meets 101...

    So, anyone seen the CC Roasting series on TV? Local one? I think we should have a section on 101 dedicated to to Members having a dig at each other and then votes as to who wins. No holds barred, anything goes and it's in the spirit of saving other freds from being sidetracked and going OT...
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    Double posting / reply echo echo echo....

    Please have a look, some replies are duplicating. I see other Members with same issue. Both on my labpop and fablet, sometimes I get a 'leave page / stay on page' pop up and reply is either gone or duplicated. Thanks.
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    Canopy wanted Mazda Drifter DC 2001 - 2007

    I am looking for a high level canopy for a DC Mazda Drifter. Maybe swap my low level - roof height one or buy outright. Prefer white with cab slider. Must not attach to cab. East Rand but will travel if correct one pops up. Benjamoent 079 507 1031
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    Interweb connection speed, what is considered good?

    Hi all, What is considered a good connection speed and what standard (post link of page for all to test) is reliable? I used mybroadband's page: Ping: 17ms Download: 36.35Mbps Upload: 16.1Mbps Busy testing a new 4G wireless system on Huwawei B618 router. SIM card based. Any other test...
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    seriaasly? wharr i do wrong now?

    vBulletin Message Bargain_Hunter, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other...
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    BnB or similar required Potchefstroom 5-6 May

    Anyone with contacts in Potch? I need (a) room/s for 4 persons, this Friday evening. No need for breakfast / supper. Please call me 079 507 1031. Thank you. Benjamin.
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    Varsity Cup et al

    Had a peep at the final, last night. Well done to UP-TUKS. Close game. So, why would there be different rules, between various series' of rubgy? Mostly, schools rugga rules are finely / closely aligned to IRB Rules. Enter VC Rules and that golden thread between school and club / provincial...
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    wanted. 1999-ish CR250 airbox and boot

    As per description. Airbox and connector boot required. Thank you. Benjamin 079 507 1031 Oos Runt but can arrange collection.
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    Shit found on interwebs, feel free to share links here for a good laugh WTF is going on in Pitooriaaah??? :bling: Fookall rear brakes??? :261:
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    Rubgy is again gonna be screwed over.… Someone please play it for Een?
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    Macsteel pipe delivery gone wrong. NO <18's

    :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored: :censored::censored::censored::censored: Hahahahaa, love how this shit get's onto the interwebs. *disclaimer, NFI idea if there was a relationship between the parked truck and humpers in the bush.