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    What kind of protective gear do you wear?

    Bottom half is pretty standard, boots, knee guards or knee braces, pants. What upper body protective gear do you wear, and what kind of riding do you do? I used to wear one of those Thor black stretchy suits, with pads everywhere, as that is what seemed logical and was what I had. I felt...
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    Langlaagte police clearance - any tips?

    Need to take a trailer there tomorrow for clearance. Any tips? Anyone know what time they open? I've got the RPC document and data dotting is done.
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    What 4-stroke for R25k?

    For casual Gauteng riding and some Lesotho exploring. I'm really itching but don't have money ATM. What's the pick between CRF250/450 and WR250/450? Better or worse than old KTM's? I'm not mixing 2 stroke.
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    Fatbars, adaptors and handgaurds - SOLD

    Hi Guys Can you believe I have a bike again, although only a DS... I have a spare set of no name brand fatbars, adaptors and handgaurds for sale: This is what it looks like on a bike (different colour bars): Price is R1750 for everything. I'm in Randpark. Whatsapp on zero eight two...
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    Anyone know T5 Transporters?

    Some of the "crew cab" models came with two rows of seats, some with three specced as extras from the factory. Can a third row from another T5 (Transporter/Kombi/Caravelle) be retrofitted to one with just two rows? Is the mounting provide for?
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    Any size 10 boots for sale?

    Looking for adventure type boots, if anyone has something for sale?
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    Some Lesotho and Giants Castle advice please

    Hi chaps Thought there would be a few guys here who has some 'Berg experience? I'm planning a hike from Giant's Castle to Sani over the escarpment. My question to start: What to do passport wise? Once we reach Sani on the way out/back, we wont have a SA exit and Lesotho entry stamp. Does...
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    Does anyone actually own (and ride) a YZ250X

    They've been around for a while now. Did anyone here bite?
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    Tubliss - Full set 18" + 21"

    Bought this set early 2014, and had it fitted to my TTR before I sold the bike. Perfect working condition. Extra 18" inner (R100 new) and two bottles of Tyre Shield (R170 new each) included. R1400 for the lot. Now if you don't know what a bargain looks like, this is it. New price is R1300 per...
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    Sherco 300 SEF-R, anyone ride one?

    These look lekker to me. WP suspension, brembo brakes, hydraulic clutch, electric start, fuel injection. Best of all, 102 kg dry weight. For a 300 cc 4T! Can be had for about R50-60k, 2013 model with 20-30 hours. Tempting...
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    How's this sound for a plan? Frankenduro bike.

    Ok, I don't think I want a two stroke anymore. Mixing petrol, splooge, bad range, jetting issues. And of the four strokes, I don't want a KTM or Honda. So that leaves me with a WR250F or WR450F. How about taking a 2008ish alu frame WR250F, fitting a Recluse EXP and a fan, and then stripping...
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    KDX spewing oil out the back on startup.

    Ok, when I eventually managed to start the project KDX yesterday, it shat a load of oil out the muffler for a minute or so until it ran clean. All over my grass and paving :? On Saturday I couldn't start it, probably flooded it in the process. I'm thinking the oil that came out yesterday was...
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    18" rear rim wanted for KDX

    Anyone got a old rim or wheel they want to get rid off cheaply? For a friend's project KDX. Bike is not really worth spending much money on. Suppose any 18" rim will work? Can be a bit dinged up, as long as it's solid.
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    Anyone here use a Rekluse clutch?

    Seems like a really good idea on a kick-only two-smoke, combined with a rear brake lever on the bars? For tech stuff. Anyone use it? Happy?
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    Anyone riding Dewildt tomorrow? Or somewhere else?

    Besides the Mud X group? Want to get in early and get out early. Chukadeer?
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    Beta and GG 2 smoke fuel range

    Seems like most Katoom 2 smokes have about 11 liters stock, and Beta and GG about 8 liters, which maybe contributes to the lower seat heights in those brands. What's the range like on these bikes? Going to a smoker from a 4T the range reduction already kills me. Really the only bad thing...
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    2 stoke header repairs, where and who in Gauteng?

    Have two KDX FMF headers that need to be un-dented. Who can you reccomend?
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    All Balls importer in SA?

    I need a couple of bearings and a fork bushing kit. Can get off eBay, but ideally need them this week. Anyone bring in All Balls kits into SA?
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    Best bike for the roof?

    Cant believe we don't have a thread like this... What is the best bike for an Roof attempt? I weigh 75kg dry (85 kitted up)and I'm 1.76 m tall. Logic would say Euro 200/250/300 2T? Low weight, decent suspension and leccy start.
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    What's the real difference - KTM XC-W 250/350/450/500

    I've been looking at the specs online. Except if they made mistakes online the following specs are the same for all of these: Suspension travel Front 300 mm Suspension travel Rear 335 mm Brake discs - diameter Front 260 mm Brake discs - diameter Rear 220 mm Steering head angle 63.5°...