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    Fox comp 5 boots (SOLD)

    Selling FOX COMP 5 boots for R2500.00. Tried them on 3 rides but couldn't get use to them.
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    Cycra Hand Guard

    Hi Just want to find out if anyone has a throttle side cycra handguard lying around? I managed to break mine and the welders don't recommend welding it.
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    Audi A3 1.8TFSI

    2013 S-tronic Petrol Hatchback 3 door 25 000kms Leather interior Sunroof Metallic grey 25 000KM R295 000.00
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    Easy Loader Trailer

    Easy Loader Trailer for sale. Papers all in order. Asking R6500.00
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    ix 35 over the boarder

    We planning a trip to Ponta Malongane for Jan and would like to find out if an ix35 2l petrol will make it? Not 4wd.
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    Anyone play this game back in the day?

    Best dirt bike game of all time... [iframe:ehbjxtjt][/iframe:ehbjxtjt]
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    International Beer Day

    To day is International Beer Day. International Beer Day (IBD) is a celebration on the first Friday of every August.
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    Long Weekend

    Those of you working tomorrow, please do me a favor and enjoy work! Busy packing up for a long weekend away in Zebula. Beer, Braai, Beer, Beer, Braai and plenty shooters! Although I would give both nuts to go ride!
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    Torque Setting for trailer

    Does anyone know what the torque setting is for the 32mm nut on a trailer hub is?
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    Google Rubix cube

    How many of you have tried to finish the rubix cube on google this monring?
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    Royal Enfield

    I'm not one to click on advertisers banners, but decided to give it ago last night. I came across the Royal Enfield on RAD's page which I have never seen before. I would really like to own one of these.
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    Ballz Radio

    Does anyone listen to Ballz radio? Such an awesome bunch of guys and they play the best music.
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    Comments no being posted

    Twice I have posted a comment and it doesn't show on the thread. Not sure if it is EBKAC on my side or there is a bug.
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    EWXC #2

    The venue for the second round of the Nomadik EWXC series for 2014 will be held on farm ‘Wag n’ Bietjie” Van Reenen on 17th May
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    Pit Babes

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    Why men buy boats

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    Howzit guys and gal. Man of many names here...