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  1. Super_mil

    Roof Accommodation 2019

    Battling to find accommodation for this years event. I know in previous years forum members have booked lodges and offered rooms based on late cancellations. If anyone has any info, won't you please drop me a PM. Looking for 2 adults. Would prefer being out of Maseru (i.e. not keen on either of...
  2. Super_mil

    TPS Tool

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone out there have a TPS tool for a '15 KTM 250 exc-f, that I could possibly borrow for a week? I'd like to muck about with the setting on my bike.
  3. Super_mil

    Brembo Clutch Master Cylinder

    Just wondering if someone has a Brembo Clutch Master Cyclinder knocking about? Managed to break mine at the Karkloof WFO this past weekend :blackeye: Can't seem to get the pic to upload now but the clamp portion broke. Thanks.
  4. Super_mil

    2016 Husqvarna and KTM Off-Road Bikes Recalled for Spoke Issues

    Not sure if it affects bikes in SA? If you follow the link you can check your bikes VIN number to see if you're affected. 2016 Husqvarna and KTM Off-Road Bikes Recalled for Spoke Issues Husqvarna recalls the entire 2016 model year cross fleet for investigations regarding the strength of the...
  5. Super_mil

    Red Bull Rampage

    If any of you are interested the 10th edition of the Red Bull Rampage is happening on Friday. You can check it out live on Red Bull @ Red Bull TV | Action sports, live events, and stories The show kicks off at 18h30 Bound to be entertaining :thumbs up:
  6. Super_mil

    Best Carb Cleaner

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good carb cleaner? Busy cleaning up a carb off a CRF230f and I'm battling to get the last of the varnish like gunk out of the float bowl chamber. I have been using the run of the mill spray can carb cleaner so far. I've read of guys using lacquer...
  7. Super_mil

    KTM Swingarm Bearing Replacement - Radial Seals

    My 2013 300 which I bought 2nd had has always had a bit of a "clack" sound when braking, particularly on downhills. I got round to replacing the the main pivot bearings (needle bearings) on Friday. During the dis-assembly I noticed that the one side was missing the 'Stop Disc" which is...
  8. Super_mil

    Scotts Steering Damper Leaking Oil

    My Scott steering damper is leaking oil from the lower link arm. I assume the seal has been damaged. (The lower seal - 15) Are these seals (looks like a quad ring) available over the counter or do you have to get the seal kit from the agents? Has anyone done a rebuild on a Scotts steering damper...
  9. Super_mil

    Pro Taper Bars & Cycra Bar Clamps

    I bent my OEM Neken handle bar on my bike. Fortunately I had a spare Pro Taper bar (Henry/Reed) and switched everything over without issue, until I tried to fit the Cycra bar clamps (T2) for the Pro Bend. The clamps just don't seem to fit the bar well at all. I asked the local MX shop if there...
  10. Super_mil


    Answers as per the 1st thread in this topic. 1. Name is Mark 2. From JHB, but I've recently relocated to Howick, KZN. There just happens to be some riding around these here parts ;) 3. '13 KTM 300 & '07 Husky 510 SMR 4. Mostly enduro stuff, but the guys down here (in KZN) seem to ride a...