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  1. bulletproof

    WANTED. One Industries kombat helmet.

    Anybody have one they want to sell? Not too concerned about size/colour. Looking for a good peak. But a good helmet in size XL will be a bonus. :icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen:
  2. bulletproof

    Bike lift Roodepoort to Cape Town

    Anybody coming this way in the next couple of weeks? Please let me know if you can assist. PS. You will look like a real racer with a TM on your trailer or in your van.:icon_e_smile:
  3. bulletproof

    Banggood online shopping

    I bought some machining tools for my mill. Anybody here know the process after they ship?
  4. bulletproof

    Check out 0:47 !

  5. bulletproof

    Alta motors ceases operating. I'm strangely torn between saying die you mofo and it's a real pity, because this will be the future of our sport. But they will probably survive.
  6. bulletproof

    Wiring Connectors

    For those that like to technical speak. And no it is not that type of beaver.
  7. bulletproof

    Gaerne toe caps?

    Is it only slaapstad or is everyone out of stock? React boots. Same toecaps as sg12.
  8. bulletproof

    And somewhere else

    Random post: I'm terrible at it. Rabbits arent local to our area so its a novelty to get to shoot them. Some guys can get rid of the guts by squeezing them. Apparently you really, really dont wanna get that wrong. For obvious reasons.
  9. bulletproof

    One Industries Helmet peak

    Hi guys does anybody have a peak that they can pass on for few ZARs
  10. bulletproof

    Nicky Hayden accident

    Anybody got current info? I heard he was badly injured in a cycling accident.
  11. bulletproof

    Moto shop

    Nice idea. Can you please actually have a privacy policy before I give you my details.
  12. bulletproof

    7.5 bn coming up.

    Watch here: World Population Clock: 7.5 Billion People (2016) - Worldometers
  13. bulletproof

    Spacebar spacebarspacebar

    This has been mentioned on other threads. When you reply with quote from Android device the spacebar does not work.
  14. bulletproof

    The heart of special

  15. bulletproof

    Old Honda caning the new boys

  16. bulletproof

    Daytona 500

    Did anyone else watch it? The finish was spectacular.
  17. bulletproof

    Auto translate

    Dit is 75 keer meer as wat Nkandla gekos het en genoeg om sowat 400 000 laekoste-huise te voorsien. Nogal ’n duur fout,' skryf dr. Roelof Botha oor Nhlanhla Nene se afdanking verlede jaar. " this is 75 times more ashes what nkandla local municipality throwing it and enough to 400 000 Sowat...
  18. bulletproof

    Altus joins Yamaha

    PRESS RELEASE: ALTiE and ALTUS DE WET RACING. I would like to start by giving a big thanks to Ben Du Toit and Hanlie Du Toit from Toyscom and Sherco for all their support in 2015. They are good people and I think we achieved a lot in a short time. Due to other commitments and tuff times Sherco...
  19. bulletproof


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