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  1. Super_mil

    Draad Kameel Eienaars

    I'm going to try DangerDave but only in for the mini 2-day option. Aim is to hike/fly it but I've entered the mixed option so that I can ditch the paraglider if the weather is forecast to be kak. You?
  2. Super_mil

    Draad Kameel Eienaars

    Bring both bikes down to KZN. The riding here is sick :thumbs up: The paragliding is pretty good too
  3. Super_mil

    Roof Accommodation 2019

    Thanks chaps, I'll follow up on the info provided.
  4. Super_mil

    Roof Accommodation 2019

    Unfortunately full, but thanks for the info.
  5. Super_mil

    Roof Accommodation 2019

    Battling to find accommodation for this years event. I know in previous years forum members have booked lodges and offered rooms based on late cancellations. If anyone has any info, won't you please drop me a PM. Looking for 2 adults. Would prefer being out of Maseru (i.e. not keen on either of...
  6. Super_mil

    Show us your poison!!

    Sadly Tman21 the brewing has taken a bit of a back seat (as has the dirt bike riding) :icon_e_sad:. I'm in the process of sorting out a house (and trying to get off-grid) and the remainder of my free time has been focused on learning to paraglide which has resulted in a lot of para-waiting cos...
  7. Super_mil

    Foot pegs - Which ones??

    The DRC pegs are kak in my opinion. Have a set on my bike at the moment (the wide ones, as you have pictured above) and they are very soft and bend easily. Spend the extra R10 and go OEM!
  8. Super_mil

    Event and Race Dates 2019

    Are they still sticking with their rule that no club can be affiliated unless they hold three MSA affiliated events in the year?
  9. Super_mil

    Roof of Africa 2018

    Was this not the year you failed to get a medal? :icon_twisted:
  10. Super_mil

    2017 350 6 days 84h for sale

  11. Super_mil

    2015 XCFW 250 Engine Rebuild minimum needed

    As per what Bush Wacker said. I did mine at 135hrs (Piston and gaskets only) and then at 290hrs (Piston, gaskets, timing chain and oil pump gears). Both were done prior to Roof and mostly as preventative maintenance. My timing chain certainly did need to be replaced but it did have 290hrs on...
  12. Super_mil

    Transition to enduro

    It would probably be worth touching base with the Pinetown Off Road Club (PORC) as they do a number of social outrides and also host a couple of really fun events every year. The events cater to most levels of riders and you'll quickly learn what will suite you best. Another intro to bush...
  13. Super_mil

    Fork Tube Hard Anodizing

    Bush Wacker I wouldn't say we failed. One we got off with no damage and the other one, the torx bit snapped off in the grub screw before we got it out and we never really drilled that out and tried again, so I say the successful outcome is "still pending". What we did learn is that the KYB...
  14. Super_mil

    can it be an Injector issue on 350

    No idea why they use the 9v in a 12v system, but all the vids mention 9v so that's what I used and it definitely opens the injector allowing you to clean it.
  15. Super_mil

    can it be an Injector issue on 350

    There are a bunch of YouTube vids on how to clean injectors. Like this one: You need a 9v connection to activate the injector. This will also confirm if the connection itself is working (you'll hear the injector open as you apply the voltage). You can back clean it while the injector is open...
  16. Super_mil

    Lithium Battery

    Thanks for the response George250 I ended up pulling the trigger on the Optimate Lithium 5A charger earlier as I couldn't find the Shorai charger locally. With your post above, I'm happy I didn't find the Shorai one :icon_e_biggrin:
  17. Super_mil

    Lithium Battery

    AFAIK you can use a regular trickle charger that does not have a desulfation mode, but you have to be careful not to over charge it, as you mention. I have a Ctek charger for normal lead acid batteries but the Ctek has an automatic Desulfation mode which you can't bypass, which I why I'm asking...
  18. Super_mil

    Lithium Battery

    Bit off topic but... What are guys using to charge the Shorai Lithium Batteries? I see Shorai have a specific charger for their batteries that plugs into the centre of the battery (behind the grey cap). Does anyone have one of these Shorai chargers and are they worth it? (Online reviews I've...
  19. Super_mil

    National Enduro 2018?

    I always assumed 'Enduro' was a style of racing or a racing format, where shorter technical stages are raced within a greater route loop that needs to be completed within a specified time. It seems to me that the word has evolved to describe more technical riding terrain, rather than a racing...
  20. Super_mil

    Graphics kit raffle, R100 a ticket all money ges to Bull terrier rescue.

    I hope this isn't coming out of the TT quick filler fund! :33: