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  1. Tombstone

    TrAsh Racing 2021 Race Shirts

    Last chance to get your orders in for the first batch of 2021 TrAsh Racing race shirts. The order will be placed at the end of this week. If you are keen you MUST EMAIL me your order, I cannot track admin on Facebook and WhatsApp. I need to know the following: Name on back Nickname or race...
  2. Tombstone

    De Wildt - Coconuts

    Bye bye Coconuts/Tennisballs (whatever your favourite name for it is). We rode there last week and it was as it has been for decades. We rode there yesterday and right at the entrance, and including the entrance, at the top someone has decided that that's a nice piece of land to settle down on...
  3. Tombstone

    TrAsh Racing Safari Ride Weekend - 19th - 22nd March 2021

    Well mud lovers, here it is. So far, uncle Cyril is not stopping provincial travel so our TrAsh Racing Dads (and moms) and Lads and Lasses Safari Ride Weekend is still good to go. The dates – Friday 19th March 2021 to Monday 22nd March 2021. (Monday 22nd is a public holiday). The package below...
  4. Tombstone

    De Wildt Routes

    Howzit everyone I was messing around on Google Earth and have plotted out a huge bunch of current routes. Open with Google Earth. You're welcome.
  5. Tombstone

    MuddX Newbies at De Wildt - Saturday, 22nd August 2020

    Dear Noobie Dirt Biker. There are two types of dirt biker out there. The Motocrosser (these are the folk that prefer track riding with jumps and berms and the like), and the Enduro rider or outrider (that’s me – take your bike out into the bush and deal with what nature throws at you). If...
  6. Tombstone

    Esential services available during lockdown

    Shameless punt for my brother-in-law: Efficient Plumbing will be operating as an essential service during lockdown. If you need a plumber please call Martin 082 447 0652
  7. Tombstone

    Morula - Corona No Go

    Howzit All So I had a MuddX Newbies' ride at the Morula today. Was a great and very successful ride, but just before the ride I had to negotiate for the complex manager for us to be able to do it. The complex, under the current Coronavirus rules, is not allowed more than 100 people on the...
  8. Tombstone

    2015 KTM 250 F Factory edition

    Posting for a mate For Sale 2015 KTM 250 F Factory edition 290 hours Extras: • Mousses front and back • Forks just been rebuilt • Fan • Radiator braces • Hand guards • Disk guards Well maintained and runs like a dream. Serviced every 10 hours and ridden by an “older” weekend warrior...
  9. Tombstone

    Pants for mahala

    Currently in my pay-it-foward box: 1 pair size 38 Klim over-boot 2 pair size 40 Fly Racing MX R0.00 You just need come collect
  10. Tombstone

    2020 KTM 300 XC-W TPI - thoughts

    So maiden ride yesterday. Not a bad pedal to Jericho for a shake-down ride. What did I think? First thing that hit me was how much higher the bike sits. Perhaps my 4-year old spring on my last bike settled a bit over time but this certainly took about a half an hour to get properly...
  11. Tombstone

    MuddX Newbies at De Wildt - Saturday 21st March 2020

    Howzit everybody The MuddX Newbies' ride at De Wildt on Saturday was so lekker that a bunch of riders asked me for another one! So.... MuddX Newbies’ Ride at De Wildt from the Morula Casino on Saturday, 21st March 2020. Please e-mail me for info and bookings at
  12. Tombstone

    2016 ktm 300 xc-w GONE

    The Queen is dead (well just not current), long live The Queen!!! Yes friends, the time has come. As most of you know, my upgrade cycle has always been every 2 years. However, both with the outstanding performance of my machine and some personal financial responsibilities that I have had, I...
  13. Tombstone

    TrAsh Racing - For the kids

    Howzit all The exciting news for 2020. It would appear that most of us who have kids have a brood that are, within a few years between oldest and youngest, more or less the same age. As we, as dads (and some moms) have been grooming these lads (and some lasses) to join us on dirt bikes riding...
  14. Tombstone

    For Blankie & Numsch....

  15. Tombstone

    MuddX Newbies at De Wildt - Saturday 22nd February 2020

    Howzit you dirty dirt demons you….. Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous, and mostly muddy 2020! It’s time again. I’m getting questions, queries, requests, threats…… everybody is keen to get onto a MuddX Newbies’ ride at De Wildt again. Well, you all know me, I aim to please. So……. I...
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    Kawasaki KX85 For Sale

    For Sale Kawasaki KX85 Repacked exhaust Serviced carb Rebuilt rear suspension bearings New gear lever New tyres. I'm sure she's 2006 but maybe ‘05 Asking R10,000.00 Contact Geoff 084 564 2869
  18. Tombstone

    Virginia Trails Dirtfest - 27th October 2019

    Virginia Trails Dirtfest Howzit, some info on the ride: Date: Sunday 27th Oct. Type of terrain is typical South-of-Durbs cane farm terrain; obviously some cane contours, paths, some rocky bits, bit of river bed, some really lekker flowing MTB tracks in and out natural bush, a bit of tight...
  19. Tombstone

    Thanks again MSR....

    Great job Matt and Grant. Getting my kid's new scoot ready for the weekend.
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    Spam/scam alert

    What’s yfcnz[fDrIdony gonna try sell us???