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    2020 SX Season

    Signed up
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    Who’s keen for a Moto 101 social ride?

    Might just join on big bike, to unfit to try a social like this
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    The Dirtbike Kitchen Series:

    Awesome content as well, watched Finke: There and back, and as fast as those Aussies are, they remind me plenty of Rednecks
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    Credit where Credit is due!!!!!@Tman21

    With equally amazing suspension?
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    What a lekker ride, really great bunch of folks:cool: Still keen to join on another one PS @DenDirtbiker nice to see someone else that has a bike that is much loved by being dropped etc like mine:ROFLMAO:
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    2020 SX Season

    Dammit forgot that we back racing.....didnt do any picks for the race
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    What are your plans during lockdown?

    Still think the numbers are only so low because they are so backlogged with test results and cannot test enough, dont think its a true reflection at the moment.
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    Covid-19 - Isolation

    Looks like we in the same situation
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    1st Corona Case in SA in KZN

    See the KTM factory is closing as well for a bit due to Corona amid possible supply chain delivery issues due to parts that are manufactured in Italy and as a precaution
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    KTM / Husqvarna TPI Power Kit

    Imagine you had to enter all races with a completely stock bike, barring springs for weight or jetting bike correctly, same pro's would still win, but could make things interesting?
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    Not nice to wake up to this

    The majority get through, I picked up from a insurance sale a bike that had been recovered from that border post, stripped like these Gs' es, the bike I bought had at least been treated decently.
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    Show us your DS or ADV bike

    Tman21 what is your initial impression of the Multistrada, also been a dream machine for me
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    Overheating Rear Brakes

    Water in brake fluid as well perhaps?
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    BMW commuters do not say thankyou

    Mark800XC think he has GS1200
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    2020 SX Season

    Would have been interesting to see if Kenny can ride with aggression and turn it up if he needs to be, really surprised at Barcia, thought it might have been a one round wonder....
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    2020 SX Season

    My faith in the boys green is not paying off
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    Front shock leaking. Who to take it to?

    I would say Tony @ GBR Racing, he does awesome work and is reasonably priced.
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    GASGAS and KTM

    Fair enough, depends on the competitor I suppose, for me the only danger in KTM swallowing up all the brands, is that if they have no competition in the 2T enduro market, what reason do they have to innovate? Heaven forbid the day they have no serious competition, it could end up like the the...
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    GASGAS and KTM

    Well getting the holeshot in any race, be it enduro or mx is half the battle won is it not?