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    Kings Kloof

    Where are you guys parking and getting permission to ride Kings Kloof?
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    Head injury?

    Interesting one on the mental and physical health in extreme sports
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    Anyone got good contact for Anthracite in the Randburg area? We are starting to reach the end of the supply the house's previous owner left us...
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    Bad grandpa

    Dean Wilson had some fun recently...
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    Building a boat

    Title says it all... Background to this- I have always loved the look and elegance of a classic barrel back wooden boat, something like a Rvia Aquarama or a Chris Craft, but lets be real not many have £300 000 lying around for a 50 year old boat... I then stumbled up a website Glen L Marine who...
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    Dakar 2020

    Lets get this thread going with Ross Branch and an epic Full Send ahead of dakar.
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    The thumb brake Atleast we know Scholtz doesn't have one on his MX bike.... for now....
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    After an awesome year in my cab and I am realizing I just need a lot more space in the vehicle, apparently 5 people going camping with all gear for a race in a 3 door Pajero is a squeeze. So with major regret I need to find something bigger #dadvantime What are the main differences between the...
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    So the better halves old lady is having issues with borehole pump theft and we have had a fair few gate motor thefts in our street which has lead me to an idea but I am not sure on the legality. Basically I am thinking of a pepper spray hand grenade on a trip wire could make for a good solution...
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    Ball end levers

    Just a warning to all those who have broken the ball of the end of their levers and are riding without them, a 3year old girl fell on her bicycle inside the house, she was sadly impaled on the brake lever and passed away. Horrible reminder to make sure your levers are safe, I found out via the...
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    Part prices

    Anyone keeping track of part prices, ordering online vs local dealer and OEM vs Aftermarket? Busy sorting out the 250x and found local dealer cheapest and fastest for a few parts, couple of years back it was far cheaper to order from crfs only.
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    Anyone in the business? My Pajero 3.2 DID 2004 Alternator will probably need replacing and Mitsubishi are not even answering so who knows how long they will take...
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    KTM riders changing bank...
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    Thoughts and opinions guys? 99% of riding will be commuting not on highway, all back roads. Will keep the X1 for rainy days and trips. So far my thoughts are: Pro: Fuel Consumption Easy and cheap to maintain Large storage space(Might add a top box) Well Priced Con: Boring Bike Mind says...
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    Jokes and funny videos

    Post them here lads: I will start with a bit of Foil Arms and Hog:
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    360 deg rally How cool is this
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    New all black KTM Rally
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    reed valve

    Does anyone have a used but fair ish condition carbon fibre reed valve lying around. It will be trimmed down to go into a 50cc horizontally opposed twin engine for and RC plane so a 125cc+ reed valve should be big enough.
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    New yamaha

    250 2t with electric start, but it is in a drone an not a dirtbike. Epic piece of kit though... Any other drone flyers out there?
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    CRF 250 exhaust insert

    Does anyone have an old silencer insert lying around for a CRF250X 2006 model, I bought my bike and it was already removed and now I want to put one back in. And for those of you wondering why- Folks are now on a plot outside of PTA, where I can easily access 4 different riding spots within 8km...