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  1. Mark800XC

    Motorcycle Size Chart You put in your details and it tells you if you will fit on a bike. Sorry @BULL but you will not fit on the XTZ.
  2. Mark800XC

    What are your plans during lockdown?

    Be as well having another COVID-19 thread... What are your plans? Bike maintenance? DIY? Building something? No matter how mundane or silly it seems lets all post what we are doing here, it might help relieve someones boredom and it might give others a kick up the ass to get started with...
  3. Mark800XC

    I got #102 a little bike

    Thanks @Rossdog what a bargain. The little dude is going to be over the moon. Been looking for one of these in my price range for a long time, nearly bought one last Xmas but they were all really expensive. Glad to find this one and at this price.
  4. Mark800XC

    Covid-19 - Isolation

    Tell us your story, are you working from home? Self employed? What kind of business, how is it going? What measure if any are you taking to isolate? I work for a national transport company in I.T. we have 90 offices. My job is to co-ordinate the team of support technicians on the ground, some...
  5. Mark800XC

    GPX tracks on iPhone

    Is there a free app that you can load GPX tracks on your phone and navigate with? My Garmin has given up the ghost.
  6. Mark800XC

    Yamaha PW 80

    I AM SELLING THIS BIKE AS A NON RUNNER. Not sure of the year. 1980 Something. It starts and runs but it cuts out after a while. I suspect an electrical fault I bought it to fix up for the kids but have reached the limit of my technical know how and time available. Depending on what you want...
  7. Mark800XC

    GoPro or ProGo

    I would like a Gopro to put on the front of my scoot to record some rides and a bit of commuting as a "dash" cam. Assuming I could find one cheap, are the first edition GoPro's any good? Has anyone used one of the knock off ones you can get for R500, are they any good?
  8. Mark800XC

    Show us your DS or ADV bike

    I'll start. 2012 Triumph Tiger 800 XC ABS bought in mint condition with 32K kms for a measly 65K.
  9. Mark800XC

    Eastern Transvaal Adventure Ride

    We took the big bikes for a spin down to Sabie at the weekend. For those that are interested, obviously not BULL , here's a small ride report. Got up moer early (4:30) with a bit (big bit) of a babbelas and met StuartC, shabsta, NUMSCH and Johnnym in Centurion at a planned 05:30am. They...
  10. Mark800XC

    Official Husqvarna Racing Team Kit and Ladies MSR Riding Pants

    All items new in packaging with tags. Husqvarna Riding Pants - R500.00 ea Sizes 28 x 3 pairs 30 x 1 pair 32 x 2 pairs 38 x 1 pair MSR Ladies Pants - R400.00 ea Size 6 (26 - 29 waist) x 15 pairs Size 8 (28 - 31 waist) x 10 pairs Husqvarna Pit Shirts (Sizing is very small) - R200.00 ea...
  11. Mark800XC

    50mm Tie Downs - Anyone want to order?

    Is anyone interested in buying some 50mm tie downs? Normal cam buckle style with a soft loop. 2M long with carabine hooks both ends. Black webbing and un-branded. Normal size is either 25mm or 35mm, these are made with 50mm webbing rated to 4T breaking strain which actually means it'll take 8...
  12. Mark800XC

    Anyone interested in taking over Moto101?

    For reasons I will discuss with interested parties if you would like to take over the forum please get in touch. Perhaps if you know someone else that might be interested, let them know as well.
  13. Mark800XC

    TEST - Can you still post?

    Please reply to see if you can. Start a new thread as well... Changed some permissions to try combat spam.
  14. Mark800XC

    It’s official – ross branch commits to dakar rally 2020

    Ross Branch has officially announced that he will be returning to the Dakar Rally in 2020. The rider affectionately known as the ‘Kalahari Ferrari’ made headlines this year when he placed 13th overall and was crowned the fastest ‘Dakar Rookie’. He returned to the dunes in April – this time to...
  15. Mark800XC

    Music Streaming Service?

    Which one do you use and why? Youtube has become unbearable with adverts. I still doubt without adverts its ideal. What do you use and why?
  16. Mark800XC

    Tech Evening / Day - 30th April or the 1st of May

    West Rand Tech Evening or Day. We can either do it on the evening of the 30th of April or during the day (10am) start on the 1st of May. Same format - Bring a chair, cutlery, dop and chop and a bag of wood. Please vote for the date.
  17. Mark800XC

    Downtime 9PM tonight

    There will be some downtime from 9PM this evening. Hopefully fixing some bugs with an upgrade to a newer version. Same look and feel. Just a patch.
  18. Mark800XC

    KTM Model Toys

    Doesn't have to be KTM actually, anything other than Gas Gas Who's seen them where? Potential crisis at home, the fucking dog ate our boys' bikes and we need to replace before they find out.
  19. Mark800XC

    Garage Cleanout - Bike Parts / Fishing / Tools - Some free stuff

    Free shit for Moto101 Members only! Make me an offer, this shit is taking up space. YZ Lever Set - I think - Pls check R 100.00 YZ Bar Clamps and Risers R - Free KTM / Husky Roadworthy Kit - Looks complete minus brake brake light R 600.00 KTM Plastics - 2014 - 2016 - Used but...
  20. Mark800XC

    Beer Tap Tower Thing - Where can I get one?

    You know like they use in pubs to dispense draft beer?