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    Wolwekloof - Day entry fees 2019

    Hi all. Just an Update on the day entry fee structure at Wolwekloof Enduro track for 2019: We have considered the financial status of fellow riders, as well as our responsibility towards rider development in the Junior and Ladies Categories. The following therefore applies effective immediately...
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    Wolwekloof Nightride 1 - Some Important info.

    Hi guys. As most of you know, NightRide 1 is 29 September. It does not seem like we would be getting any rain before then, so if you fit a helmet light, fit it below eye level. The Blue loop group would be affected by dust the most as they will traverse the beginner loop (Blue Loop) which...
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    Wolwekloof - Purple Loop "Launch" Day - 1 September

    Hi all. Just a quick update on the Purple Loop. We will be marking the last segment of the purple loop this weekend as we tried to get the whole loop done before the rain comes and the grass start growing. This way, we can get the loop ridden in while the grass is still weak. Many guys have...
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    Wanted: Box Ripper/Scraper

    Hi guys. If you see one of these for sale somewhere in PTA area please let us know.
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    Have a Trials bike? Please get in touch

    Hi guys. We have dedicated a huge chuck of the farm (the whole area to the right of the first red loop line) for Trials sections and Trials Rider development. We are starting to plan a few official trials sections this Saturday, and hope to lay them out like they would in SA Trials Competitions...
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    Wolwekloof Enduro Track - Purple Loop day

    Hi guys. Just a quick note. We know that many guys want to try the 5.6km of the purple loop marked thus far (Full loop will be 20km eventually), but don't have a buddy that will try it with them. We therefore have a bunch of guys meeting up at Wolwekloof at 7AM Saturday morning and we are...
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    Adventure Bikes Doing Wolwekloof Blue

    Too good not to share. For those that have not visited Wolwekloof yet, the Blue loop is the second easiest loop (For Enduro - Beginners). These guys did it on Adventure bikes which is quite impressive, but moreso, they did the full forest section at the end too! And all of this during the...
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    Wolwekloof Enduro Track - GPS

    Hi all. For those interested, here are the GPX files for the Blue and Red Loop, as well as the first 5.6km of the 19km Purple loop that is marked thus far. Blue Loop (Beginners): Blue Garmin - GPX Red Loop (Intermediates): Red Garmin - GPX Purple Loop (Advanced): Purple (Chasm and Corkscrew...
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    Arrows Rest - in peace

    Hi all. A sad day indeed for dirtbikers in SA. Love it or hate it, Arrows was a lekker place to go ride. It was hardly ever crowded and it had varied terrain many of us used to hone our skills or just have a fun day out. I feel however that I have to mention that I fully understand why they...
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    Wolwekloof Enduro Track - Blue loop booked out 1 May

    Hi all. Just a friendly public announcement. For those that don't know yet, the Blue loop has been booked out for an event on 1 May 2018. A group of ladies are attending an "Intro to Enduro" day hosted by OEL. They are clutching out at 9:00. They aim to get ladies that usually ride offroad...
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    Quick Howzit

    Hi guys. Don't want to just reply to any questions/suggestions/whatever that may pop up about the venue without saying hi first. (No this is not a shameless punt). Free entry to all of you this coming weekend! :) Cheerz The Wolwekloof Enduro Track Team