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    Australian bike sales Jan-Jun 2020

    It would be interesting to see that comparison to the central African Motorcycle taxi/delivery numbers. I from what I read Nigeria's Honda motorcycle plant can build 125k bikes a year, all 100-150cc.
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    Wanted-Cycra clamps or similar for hand guards

    Sometimes the cheapest solution is the best. Buy a round file and put in some elbow grease...
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    What cheap bikes are available to buy?

    Not an RM250 with a 265 kit and an fmf pipe? Because the 2 stroke smell...
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    Bike Industry and Covid19

    That and people realising the holes in the idea of a professional athlete. Dealers were in tight spots, no vehicle sales for a month followed by fewer sales thereafter. There are already a few dirtbikes in the auction houses and more on payment holidays as well so that is an indicator of where...
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    Kings Kloof

    yup, they just need to be on leads because it is a working farm with cattle grazing.
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    YZ250f valve pads

    How many hours on the valves? How many times have you shimmed them? Top end fresh?
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    Kings Kloof

    There are a few farms and a few different access points so I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. I was just going tell them to just be a little more considerate coming the wrong way along a single track at pace when there are runners around...
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    Kings Kloof

    Where are you guys parking and getting permission to ride Kings Kloof?
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    Michelin Enduro World TT Challenge

    you have a month so you can easily do 1 sight lap and 2 flying laps for 3 weekends in a row. Easy game You can even stop and have a rest/strecth/ice bath between flying laps Or 1 Sight Lap and 2 flying laps and a "find and replace" on the date in the tcx/gps file and upload to strava.
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    Motorcycle Workshop General Worker/Mechanic

    look if you do it right and nail it then yes, but the real money winners are the guys who can convert them into product sales. A big example is Googan Squad- 5 youngsters who all made fishing videos on youtube, anyway it snowballed and they did well with the videos and they have a fan base of...
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    Michelin Enduro World TT Challenge

    digital racing - something the keyboard racers can win
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    The Good Food and Braai Fred

    I have learned to only open this thread after a meal...
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    Gear lever needed

    Just check with Honda as well. OEM sometimes not badly priced and Honda can usually get within a few days.
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    Wanted: Mini High Pressure Compressor

    Those .22 pcp air rifles are awesome hey, smack a good scope on it and you really have a deadly varmint control toy.
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    it is also all up in the air with the courts ruling it all unconstitutional... Otherwise Church of the out ride or ministry of 2 stroke may be a way to legally sneak a ride on a Sunday...
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    If you are allowed to load a bicycle and drive to cradle to cycle, loading a motorbike to go to a track is surely all good then.
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    Golf course prospects

    sand sections already built
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    Head injury?

    Interesting one on the mental and physical health in extreme sports
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    I was all for lockdown but the absolute dumb shits in charge and the lawlessness of the country have made it pointless. Someone needs to explain that 30 kids in a classroom or 50 people in a church are far more risk than us on a bike on the weekend or me walking the dogs in Delta park.
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    Level 4 - Riding Verdict

    pottered round the folks farm in Feb a bit, was keeping safe with sponsors for other events expecting performance and couldn't risk getting injured riding a motorbike, but those events are shot to shit by covid so it is open season again.