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    2017 CRF125 for sale

    2017 Honda CRF125 for sale. stock standard electric start side stand serviced every 10 hours it was a young girls bike and she is upgrading to bigger bike. good overall condition complete with hand guards. contact seller (Kempton park) - Shelley 082-481-1458 or Pikkie on 083-442-4215 Asking...
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    GXCC sold again

    So due to his commitments at KTM as head of marketing, Lourence has sold the GXCC to "Black Iron Racing" for the 2020 season. Apparently it is a hand over year with some involvement from Lourence. anyone ever dealt with the new owners? keen to get some insight as to any changes they see coming...
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    2012-2014 KTM 350 motor parts wanted

    Looking for what have you in the motor department for a 2012 - 2014 ktm 350. I heat seized mine on Saturday at 100 and plenty. have not opened her up just yet but i know Im in for new timing chain, valves, piston, oil pump and gasket set for sure, will see what the damage is on Friday. was just...
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    2006 KTM 125sx fly wheel wanted

    As it says I have a mate desperately looking for one. aftermarket, new or used. weighted or not. KTM have no stock and he cant wait the 2 weeks for them to import one. 54739005000 oem part number for reference. 2002-2006 models
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    ktm 350 erratic loss of power

    my 350 has developed an issue i cant seem to google a resolve for. history: bike was 100`s. lent it to a lady rider for the GXCC. lap 1 she came in 4th, lap 2 she came in 3rd, lap 3 she came in 14th. she said the bike just lost all power and went into a type of limp mode. bike starts fine, revs...
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    hypothetical scenario

    i was sitting in the pub and the following was put to me, lets say the following is a hypothetical scenario.... Two different team mates saw a podium winner (event, class, team, rider name irrespective) take the same short cut (off racing line through long grass) on different laps. 1 person saw...
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    fork oil what what ?

    busy doing fork seal on my KTM350 and the manual calls for 625mls SAE4 oil. I have gone through almost every fork oil I can find on the shelf at game services and all of them are rated as 4W, 5W, 7W, 10W etc. none of them actually say "SAE4". Is it therefore safe to assume that the SAE4 is...
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    exhaust header dent removal

    who is the best person / place in the east rand to take a dented header pipe to get the dents removed ? - - - Updated - - - to add to that the best place / person to make it shinny again
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    ktm 350 roller free wheel

    taking a chance here but Im looking for a used (test unit) roller free wheel / one way starter bearing unit before spending the 2k from the agents. Its the one behind the stator as mine has seized. this meaning the starter stays engaged. The starter button swings the bike over (under huge...
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    KTM 350 stater wanted

    Taking a fat chance that someone has a working stater for a 2012 - 2014 KTM 350exc-f stater lying around that they dont want. I know I can get a new one from KTM for R2.5k ( 2 weeks wait) or get it rewound for R1.8k (5-8 days) but was just hoping someone bought a stater just to find out that...
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    can it be an Injector issue on 350

    on my last ride i went through a mud puddle (about belly pan deep possibly a little deeper) 3rd gear throttle wide open and the bike stalled on me 3/4 of the way through, managed to get it started again however 500m up the road the bike just lost revs and died (like fuel starvation on a carb...
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    1985 Kawasaki KX80 project

    So I just bought this little toy for refurbishment for my 13 year old son for R2000. Its a 1985 KX85 (according to the seller) however I think its an KX80. Any kawa bofins on here that can verify this ? It starts, idles, and revs up. there is a head bolt snapped off in the block and that`s the...
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    350 spluttering below 1/4 throttle and FI blink code

    After changing oil on Friday night i went for a ride on Saturday morning. 15kms into the ride the FI light starts to blink (1 long 2 short) according to the owners manual the engine coolant temperature sensor. fan never came on to indicate over heating nor did she blow out the radiator cap...
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    looking for places to ride in Dullstroom

    hitting out there on Thursday and coming back next Friday, fishing with the father in law is only riveting for the first hour, then i need to braap. anyone here from that area that can show me around a little bit or even anyone that can share a gps log or 2 ?
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    where is my black Friday Frandoms & randoms ????

    Chiver dropping the ball today it seems
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    crf 230 rebuild

    My mate bought a banged up crf230f for his Mrs as her first bike. he got it from a guy down in KZN, needless to say it was rusted to hell, had a motor noise and no 5th gear. I spent 3 hours stripping her down and a few nights after work stripping and cleaning the motor, one rather beer filled...
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    to powder coat or not ?

    stripped a mates crf230 that he recently bought for his Mrs to get rid of the dreaded coastal rust that was plaguing the frame, bars, brakes, pegs, forks well basically the whole bike was rusted a little at various parts. Question is do we powder coat the frame or paint it white (her colour...
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    looking for a KTM 300 for 30K

    as the title says. Looking for a mate of mine who wants a KTM 300 and has max R30k to spend. if there is anything out there please advise. thanks
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    R.I.P Gavan Ramsay

    For those who knew Gavin Ramsay it will come as a shock that he passed away this weekend while racing at Kilarney race track on Saturday. Gavin is survived by his wife and kids. Although Gavin was primarily a title contender on road bike racing for years and years he did win his class (masters)...
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    boxing day ride for poitjie at Grutte

    The kind people at Grutte will be hosting their annual Poitjie on Boxing day (26th Dec) if anyone is interested. Last year it was a well supported (over 100 riders) event and it is a pretty simple day, ride there haul out 100 buks and "help yourself" to rice, samp, pap, greek salad, potato...