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    Kawasaki KX XC ....

    Agree, also think its a half arsed attempt. Just another MX bike with some minor mods. Will work for some in the USA and maybe Aus. But thats about it
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    Michelin Enduro World TT Challenge

    Looks like such a lekker plek to ride. We need a venue like this in the WC
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    How Much Power Does The 2020 Husqvarna FE 501s Make?

    Is that 40hp of the 500 measured at the rear wheel or flywheel? Any idea what the 350s push out with the similar motor as the 250 it must be impressive.
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    Stuart’s Camper Van

    :ROFLMAO: Type of electrical system planned?
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    Building a boat

    Grumpy fucker, no way you sharing one pic of a van build and then just refusing to share more
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    What are your plans during lockdown?

    Fucking hate tiling. 10/10 just for starting and actually looks neat :oops:
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    What are your plans during lockdown?

    Built some basic steel and wood shelving next to the fridge.
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    Moto101 new forum software

    It takes me to the last msg skipping stuff that I have not read yet. How do I see the latest unread msgs in a thread?
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    Moto101 new forum software

    Ahhh thanks, what I was looking for
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    Who's staying, who's leaving + who's left?

    Awesome feedback thanks. For some insight, what are you doing now and does your spouse work now?
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    MSA & Steve Wyndham in the RING

    Seems like a bunch of kak For Club Membership The MSA membership fees last year were R1025 for the year and that included the Option 1 Insurance This year it was R1090 for the same stuff. R610 for License and R480 for Insurance If you go for the Regional or National Class then it gets...
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    Red KTM

    Looks awesome, but that is a factory ride. Pretty sure the showroom floor bikes will have all the same standard components as the current KTM/Husqs with some minor changes in ergonomics
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    Gas Gas back with a bang ?

    Yes and yes. :icon_lol:
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    2017 KTM fender & Number plate

    Revamping again adamktm ?
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    Tool "Peg" board

    :3some: Let me guess. R100 000 for the trolley and chest stocked?
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    Gas Gas back with a bang ?

    There was an interview with someone from KTM at a bike show just after the GasGas KTM deal came to light. (Not gonna do effort to find it, too much of a mission) The guy from KTM specifically said that the GasGas bikes will come with WP suspension since it makes financial sense (Inhouse) They...
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    Gas Gas back with a bang ?

    Old news actually. Laia already finished Dakar this year as a GasGas rider. And like already mentioned, they will just be red KTMs with WP suspension
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    New Hard Enduro Championship?

    Dont see this affecting enduro since the existing bodies dont even care It will however affect other more mainstream sports for sure
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    New Hard Enduro Championship? Some more info on the whole WESS and FIM issue It sounds like FIM did not listen to what the people wanted, neglected hard and extreme enduro and from this came the WESS. I love how they dont want WESS...
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    Show us your DS or ADV bike

    300 needs a refresh again. But its going to hit 400hrs or more by the end of this year and still has plenty of riding to do :icon_e_biggrin: Sien ook maar net net oor daai screen, maar kan darem rond kyk teen 160km/h en hoer. Wind met standaard screen net te kak Planke moet om gesit word in...