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  1. louisvantonder

    Starter spinning but not kicking bendix out.

    My Beta's starter stopped doing its thing. It's still swinging, but its not engaging the engine. Bendix isn't kicking out. I think this started at some point when the battery drained flat. But a recharge hasn't fixed it. The battery has power, fan works, but I am not sure if it is maybe going...
  2. louisvantonder

    [WANTED] 2016 KTM Six Days Top Tripple

    Hey, anyone knows who carries stock/has one lying around of a 2016 Six Days Top Tripple? Buddy of mine managed to crack his and apparently it has to be ordered in on the famous "takes very long KTM ship". Thanks
  3. louisvantonder

    Where to buy tubliss front inner that is in stocks.

    Hey there. I need a tubliss inner (front) and my guy here tried to order but apparently the Mitas guys that import them are out of stock. Any idea who would stock this as a shelf item where I can get one? Thanks.
  4. louisvantonder

    Check your linkage regularly!

    I recently viewed a video on youtube on linkage maintenance. My bike has been feeling a bit hard on quick hits lately and I thought it may be time to check the linkage before I have a look at the shock. I never checked the linkage in the 100 hours that I have had the bike. When I got it, I saw...
  5. louisvantonder

    [w] pw80

    Hey guys. Looking for a PW80. I want one of the 5K joppies, not the fancy 10K brand new ones. Its for my youngest laaitie who is just starting. He does not want to get off his brothers PW80 and it is causing a family fight! Thanks.
  6. louisvantonder

    SACHS 48mm Rebound Adjuster (Beta)

    Hey Guys. I am looking for a rebound adjuster on my sachs 48mm fork. I have contacted Justin W (here on moto101), and Hilton Hayward. Both don't stock/know how/where to get the rebound adjuster. My next two options are to either try and order a complete fork cap assembly (Which really is my...
  7. louisvantonder

    Petrol/Electric Go Karts (indoor racing) - Where to buy/get?

    Hey. Maybe someone here knows someone who knows someone. I am trying to source go karts, and I would like to get more options. I would LOVE to go electric, that's first prize, but they seem to be hen's teeth (hard to believe in this day and age) I have spoken to Greame at 4-stroke workshop...
  8. louisvantonder

    Weed. Yea or Nay?

    Lets hear it...
  9. louisvantonder

    Tyre / Mousse changer

    Hey guys. There was a link on here at some point with a tyre changer in the R800 range. I showed it to a buddy of mine a gazillion years ago, and NOW he wants one. What is available locally and where? I cant find the original one I referenced here. Tnx
  10. louisvantonder

    Serviced my own suspension this weekend!

    So I was looking for something to tinker with this weekend and my forks won the lucky draw... My forks have been leaking a bit of late, and are due a service. I have always wanted to do it myself, and thought now is as good a time as ever. I obviously did not have fork seals at 4pm on a Friday...
  11. louisvantonder

    Ou grote rus bietjie...

    Eish, I cant believe.... even after all this turmoil recently... NEVER seizes to amaze.
  12. louisvantonder

    My take on the dreaded 350!

    So I spent some time on @Pom17 's 350 this weekend, and a lot of time "watching" him on the 350. I think it is an absolutely LOVELY scooter! I was quite impressed. It is about a gazillian times smoother/easier ride than my 2T. I only played with it in jeep track, with some rough patches here...
  13. louisvantonder

    Bravery - Level 11!

    So while the cat is gone, the mouse acts all brave like. I am quite in control of my "situation" at home, but not even I will attempt such madness! Give this man a bells! Pom17
  14. louisvantonder

    #FeesMustFall - Some proper logic for a change.
  15. louisvantonder

    Buying Dollars now... spend them later?

    Seeing as Zuma and his circus keep on practicing new tricks to perform, what options are there if, figuratively speaking, I am planning to spend a good amount of dollars (Over EFT) closer to December... Can you "buy now" and spend later? How does that work? Come old timers with deep pockets...
  16. louisvantonder

    Men in white coats... BETA

    While the "men in white coats" topic have been going around lately, what do you think about what the Beta clever people write in their manual? Rear sprocket (omologation) 250 - 300 cm3 - 45 Rear sprocket (race use) 250 - 300 cm3 - 49 Pinion (omologation) - 15 Pinion (race use) - 13 So...
  17. louisvantonder

    Wednesday after work play ride

    Man, I am enjoying this scoot! Lekker after work ride, spending time in my own company, working some things out. Viva le Dirt Bike! Looking to get a bit fitter for an event in November, and mid-week rides sound like just the excuse I need!
  18. louisvantonder

    To any and all engineers....

    Man, this pretty much sums up client meetings! http://
  19. louisvantonder

    Fouls plug on cold start

    Hey. Maybe someone can help me reason this out a bit. I sold the Gas Gas to a friend recently, and all was lekker before I sold it, and for the first couple of rides after he took it. Recently, its SHIT hard to start. It seems to "flood" on cold start (cold as in stood for a few days). It...
  20. louisvantonder

    Spare Spark Plug Holder

    @Pom17 recently showed me his plan to keep his spare spark plug safe using some plumbing pipes and fittings to make a capsule to keep the plug in. I needed one as my plug always gets mangled in my toolbag/backpack. I designed it as small as possible, and the cap can be used as a plug spanner...