Amageza 2016 - Back to Basics


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Mar 30, 2014
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As you can gather from the title, after expanding rapidly over the last couple of years, we are going back to basics. Some of these:

• Less liaison.
• More off-road and technical racing.
• Less distance between bivouacs. (More sleep for assistance crew)
• More time in a single bivouac.
• Race distances will stay the same at approximately 5-7 hours for the fast rider.
• Bikes will race a separate Special Stage to Quads & SSV's.
• We will only race in South Africa.

The final discounted entries closes on 30 April 2016. After this, prices will be normal. Only discounts applicable after 30 April 2016, will be the competitor loyalty discounts which is calculated at Amageza Rallye's paid for (and not refunded) since 2011. If you missed one, this is deducted from your total. It is only for the Competitor Entry and is not applicable to Malle Moto or Assistance Crew or Vehicles. The discount is as follows:

1. One Amageza: 5%
2. Two Amageza: 10%
3. Three Amageza: 15%


The 2016 Amageza Rallye will start and finish in Upington, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Stage 1 will be on 5 November 2016 and stage 8 on 12 November 2016. The provisional itinerary is as follows:

1. Upington: Scrutineering & Super Special
2. Kakamas: Liaison & Special
3. Springbok: Liaison & Special
4. Springbok: Liaison & Special
5. Springbok: Liaison & Special
6. Springbok: Liaison & Special
7. Undisclosed: Liaison & Special (marathon)
8. Upington: Liaison & Special (marathon)


The updated regulations will be released next week Friday. Included will be the normal and some changes. Some below.
• The allowed usage of electronic road-book readers and which readers are allowed.
• The fuel range will stay at 250km + 10% reserve.
• The route will be approximately 60% sand/dunes, 30% rock/technical, 10% liaison.
• Bivouacs for Competitors and Assistance will be supplied in stages 2-6, and Stage 7 for competitors only.
• Competitors doing stage 7&8 will require a tent, mattress and sleeping bag for the marathon overnight on stage 7. This needs to be in a suitable tog-bag or trunk. Other requirements regarding tools and oil changes for this overnight stop will be included in the Supplemental Regulations.
• Meals, bivouac locations, etc will be in the Supplemental Regulations to be published next Friday.
• Water: You require 5 liters. This can be on your back. Special hard containers are not required to be fixed to the bike.
• Tracker: Required. Please rent your tracker from RentX.
• Bikes are required to be registered for road use, and the rider licensed. Not so for Quad and SSV. The latter require either a car or bike license.

• Thanks to the guys at Rockfox we are closing on our holy-grail solution. We will be testing this in the coming months and in beta during the 2016 Amageza.
• We will once more run the Garmin eTrex 10,20,30 GPS's. A mandatory training course will be part of scrutineering.
• We are also investigating the usage of a timing chip similar to enduro events as a final back-up.

Dakar Challenge:
• 8 riders have indicated they are prepared to fight over this free entry to the 2018 Dakar Rally.
• This is only applicable to motorbike entries in the Restricted Class as it may cause some protests if a 690 beats a 450! The Dakar Rallye is open only for 450cc or less. So good training! I wanted to make it Malle Moto only, but maybe that is going to far, as the winner of the Dakar Challenge still needs to rank in the top 30% overall.
• It took a lot to make this available to you. Let's just say it cost Amageza quite some money (loosely translated as knee-pads, Vaseline and a bank manager). I don't know if I will be able to do it again next year, so jump while you have the chance!
• Please ensure you have a plan to find, or have the additional funding required for your air-tickets, bike, fuel,etc. to do the Dakar. It is a gentleman's agreement that if you win the Dakar Challenge, you will go. Don't let me down on this!!

Keep a eye out on the website next Friday for the updated Supplemental Regulations.

All the best!

PS: If you receive multiple of these emails, please let us know. I think I resolved the issue, but it may still exist.