Febvre keeps podium run with third place at Belgian MXGP

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Mar 31, 2014
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MXGPRace Report - 02/08/2015
Febvre keeps podium run with third place at Belgian MXGP

Yamaha Factory Racing Yamalube's Romain Febvre picked up his ninth consecutive podium finish with third place overall across the almost-impossible sand of Lommel at the Grand Prix of Belgium. The fourteenth round of eighteen in the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship was played out in front of more than 24,000 spectators and in hot sunshine. Teammate Jeremy Van Horebeek endured back pain to take fifth overall.

After running to a strong second spot and tussling for Pole Position on Saturday, Febvre knew he had the settings, the feeling and the speed to mark a career-best performance in the sand on Sunday. He started well in the first moto with the holeshot and began an intense tussle with Shaun Simpson until a small slip while entering a deep hole caused him to lose control and crash. Another mistake meant that he lost second place to Gautier Paulin so then rode out the rest of the laps to a safe third position.

In the second race a lightening start - another holeshot - was again nullified by Simpson and the exertions of the first moto caught up with '461' who was unable to push to follow the British racer and also with Paulin again for company. Febvre secured third to go 3-3 on the day.

Van Horebeek rode a conservative moto to fifth on Saturday. The Belgian was hoping to improve his 2014 result at Lommel where a heavy impact attempting the quad jump led to a cut eye and he could only classify eighth. In the first moto he made a satisfactory getaway but was caught up in the second group and had a small dispute with Evgeny Bobryshev before defeating the Russian for a well-earned fourth place. JVH was already struggling with a sore back and the condition worsened in the second moto when '89' lacked the strength to attack the sand. A late crash meant that he managed to reach the finish in ninth.

Romain keeps a healthy advantage in the MXGP FIM World Championship standings. He came to Lommel with an 88 point gap and leaves with 84 over Gautier Paulin with just 200 left to win in Grands Prix in Italy, Holland, Mexico and the USA. Van Horebeek is eighth.

DP19 Yamaha Racing's David Philippaerts was not fit enough to compete at Lommel due to the injuries picked up in the first moto at Loket for the Grand Prix of Czech Republic last week. The Italian hopes to be back in play for his third home round of the season at Mantova and the Lombardian fixture in three weeks time.

Romain Febvre
3rd and 3rd for 3rd overall. Championship Position: 1st
"I'm happy with the day overall. In the first moto I felt really good and I was very close to Shaun at one moment but I crashed and I lost the 'feeling'. It came back after a couple of laps but then I crashed again in the waves section. I think I used a lot of energy to get back on the bike and charge again. I wanted to catch Gautier but I pushed myself for nothing because I couldn't pass him. I got another holeshot in the second moto but I could feel my legs [getting tired] and it was very difficult. To be third twice is a positive weekend for the team and myself."

Jeremy van Horebeek
4th and 9th for 5th overall. Championship Position: 8th
"It was so tough. I gave it my all but it was already tough for me in the first moto. In the last few laps I had a lot of pain in my back, which is still from a crash I had at Kester [Belgian Championship]. After five minutes in the second moto I could not stand up anymore. I was empty. I don't have much to say. It has been a difficult year and we will keep working."

2015 MXGP Belgium
Lommel 02/08/201517 Laps
race I
1Shaun SimpsonKTMGBR34'36.275
2Gautier PaulinHondaFRA0'04.580
3Romain FebvreYamahaFRA0'30.238
4Jeremy Van HorebeekYamahaBEL0'46.372
5Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS0'53.607
6Glenn ColdenhoffSuzukiNLD0'59.721
7Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL1'15.111
8Todd WatersHusqvarnaAUS1'26.047
9Gert KrestinovHondaEST1'36.244
10Filip BengtssonHondaSWE1'39.797
11Nathan WatsonHusqvarnaGBR1'41.960
12Tyla RattrayKawasakiZAF1'46.477
13Priit RatsepHondaEST2'12.128
14Christophe CharlierHondaFRA-1Laps
15Dean FerrisHusqvarnaAUS-1Laps
23Jeffrey DeWulfYamahaBEL-7Laps
race II
1Shaun SimpsonKTMGBR35'02.032
2Gautier PaulinHondaFRA0'06.005
3Romain FebvreYamahaFRA0'24.685
4Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS0'54.696
5Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL1'22.952
6Todd WatersHusqvarnaAUS1'27.898
7Tyla RattrayKawasakiZAF1'53.573
8Dean FerrisHusqvarnaAUS1'58.778
9Jeremy Van HorebeekYamahaBEL2'01.731
10Gert KrestinovHondaEST2'03.900
11Christophe CharlierHondaFRA3'12.669
12Glenn ColdenhoffSuzukiNLD-1Laps
13Priit RatsepHondaEST-1Laps
14Angus HeideckeKTMDE-1Laps
15Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP-1Laps
20Jeffrey DeWulfYamahaBEL-2Laps
MXGP World Standing
Rider StandingsAfter Race 14 of 19
1.Romain FebvreYamahaFRA547
2.Gautier PaulinHondaFRA463
3.Evgeny BobryshevHondaRUS423
4.Antonio CairoliKTMITA416
5.Maximilian NaglHusqvarnaDE360
6.Shaun SimpsonKTMGBR356
7.Clement DesalleSuzukiBEL331
8.Jeremy Van HorebeekYamahaBEL324
9.Glenn ColdenhoffSuzukiNLD290
10.Kevin StrijbosSuzukiBEL287
11.Todd WatersHusqvarnaAUS278
12.Dean FerrisHusqvarnaAUS208
13.Tyla RattrayKawasakiZAF204
14.David PhilippaertsYamahaITA185
15.Christophe CharlierHondaFRA164
16.Jose Antonio ButronKTMESP155
34.Cedric SoubeyrasYamahaFRA15
41.Matevz IrtYamahaSVN9
42.Paul CoatesYamahaGBR7
43.Pier BertuzzoYamahaITA6
44.Jeffrey DeWulfYamahaBEL4
54.Lewis GregoryYamahaGBR0
Circuit Length:
Last Years Winner:
Antonio Cairoli
Lieber posts decent fourth place through Lommel sand

Lommel's sandy bumps, holes, ruts and waves were illuminated by bright sunshine for the fourteenth round of eighteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship at Lommel and Yamaha were ably represented by Standing Construct Yamaha Yamalube's Julien Lieber who used his YZ250F to run to fourth position overall.

The most feared racing track on the MXGP calendar lay in store for the Grand Prix elite and Lommel was in it roughest and most demanding state for years. Temperatures in the mid-twenties did not make the latest stop on the world championship trail any easier.

In the first moto Julien Lieber kept pace with Petar Petrov in fourth position but the Belgian - competing at his home fixture for the first time in two years - was protecting a back problem that eventually forced him to ride with a lot of clutch action and mechanically strained his race bike to the point where he lost two places on the final lap and dropped to sixth. Teammate valentin Guillod was already reeling from a crash and DNF in the Qualification Heat that saw him enter the start gate second-to-last. The Swiss was one of many to struggle on the sand and he lost a potential tenth position in the first race with another fall that bumped him to twelfth. Kemea Yamaha Yamalube's Brent Van Doninck started badly and had to come from almost last spot to chase and overtake his team Benoit Paturel with the blue Kemea machines crossing the finish line in ninth and tenth respectively.

The second moto again saw Lieber in decent form and satisfying the loud support of fans through the fences. He defied his back discomfort while holding a clear third position until the final stages of the thirty-minute and two lap distance when a dismount through the waves section almost spelt disaster. '33' was able to restart and thankfully keep his ranking. Guillod's moto did not last a lap. The Grand Prix winner could not avoid the fallen Van Doninck and ripped a hole in his radiator through the collision. Forced to the pitlane for his second DNF of the weekend Guillod also saw a dent to his championship aspirations. Van Doninck was also a retiree. Paturel rode to ninth.

From being joint-second before Lommel Valentin Guillod is now fourth in the MX2 table and 25 points away from leader Pauls Jonass. Lieber is eighth and Paturel also in the top ten.

Maxime Renaux and Yamaha's hopes of adding more glory to a fantastic 125cc track record in 2015 were dashed when the Junior World and French Champion fractured his left collarbone while training before the weekend. The teenager had to withdraw after the first practice session at Lommel with too much pain and discomfort and can now hope to return in shape for the final outing at Assen in four weeks if he doesn't require an operation.

The EMX250 European Championship was also entering the closing stages and Kemea Yamaha Yamalube's Damon Graulus was flying back from a bad start in the first moto until he crashed out of fifth position. In the second race he again fell in a similar zone of the track. Unfortunately the consequences for the championship means that the Belgian is third and by trailing Nick Kouwenberg by 41 points with just 50 left to win. Alvin Ostlund walked the podium in Lommel with third place overall.

Brad Anderson took his YZ250 to a second Grand Prix win in succession for the EMX300 European Championship.

The Grand Prix of Lombardia in the hard and shallow-packed sand of Mantova in northern Italy will represent round fifteen of MXGP on August 23[SUP]rd[/SUP].

Julien Lieber
6th and 3rd for 4th overall. Championship Position: 8th
"I'm happy, especially after the difficult time in the last few races. Today I was a bit unlucky in the first moto because I had a few problems with my back and towards the end of the race I had to sit down more which meant I had to clutch a lot. I burned the clutch on the last lap and almost didn't make the finish line, that's why I lost two positions. Without that problem I should have been on the podium. In the second race I was third and then made a stupid mistake near the end because I was so tired again because of my back. We'll make some checks at the end of the season and maybe consider some surgery to be fit for next year. I missed my home GP for the last two years so it feels great to make a nice result here. I want to thank the Standing Construct Yamaha Yamalube team and all my family for all they do for me. My trainer Yves Demaria and also Tim Mathys [Team Owner] who invests so much in the team and this is really good for us."

Valentin Guillod
12th and DNF for 19th overall. Championship Position: 4th
"In the first moto I was positioned to the outside of the gate and didn't make a good start. I was twenty-second on the first lap and came back to tenth. I wasn't feeling so good. I was sitting down a lot and had a small crash to finish twelfth. Not a good moto because physically I was struggling. I cut to the inside for the second moto and it worked because I was around seventh. Van Doninck passed me and jumped into some bumps and went over the bars. His bike was in front of me and I hit it and broke the radiator. I was pretty mad at myself and how it had all turned out. Now I am focussed for the next races. I want to work hard and I want that title."

Brent Van Doninck
9th and DNF for 14th overall. Championship Position: 15th
"I'm so disappointed. I expected a lot from this weekend and it turned out completely the other way. Saturday was good. I had a good feeling, was riding smooth and was confident for Sunday. The first moto was going pretty well. I was saving some energy at first and right when I started pushing, I crashed. It took me a while to get back in the rhythm and finished ninth in the end. Second moto; my start was average and I pushed straight away. In the second lap the sand soaked up my bike after a big jump and I went over the bars. I had some troubles breathing and was in pain, so that was the end of a day to forget."

Benoit Paturel
10th and 9th for 8th overall. Championship Position: 10th
"I'm quite satisfied with the weekend. This was by far the gnarliest track I've ever ridden. If they would have told me I would finish 8th overall in Lommel, I would have signed immediately. I feel I learned a lot in the sand. This was the aim for me for this year, and the plan is to step up towards next year.'

2015 MX2 Belgium
Lommel 02/08/201517 Laps
race I
1Max AnstieKawasakiGBR34'55.901
2Pauls JonassKTMLVA0'24.619
3Petar PetrovKTMBGR0'35.480
4Harri KullasSuzukiFIN0'38.503
5Tim GajserHondaSVN0'41.961
6Julien LieberYamahaBEL0'51.635
7Jordi TixierKawasakiFRA0'57.168
8Jeremy SeewerSuzukiCHE1'08.248
9Brent VandoninckYamahaBEL1'20.572
10Benoit PaturelYamahaFRA1'30.448
11Brian BogersKTMNLD1'35.553
12Valentin GuillodYamahaCHE1'55.980
13Jens GettemanHondaBEL2'19.791
14Ben WatsonKTMGBR-1Laps
15Ivo MonticelliKTMITA-1Laps
race II
1Max AnstieKawasakiGBR35'42.426
2Pauls JonassKTMLVA0'25.396
3Julien LieberYamahaBEL0'51.575
4Petar PetrovKTMBGR1'01.671
5Harri KullasSuzukiFIN1'04.599
6Davy PootjesKTMNLD1'10.159
7Tim GajserHondaSVN1'16.493
8Jeremy SeewerSuzukiCHE1'29.739
9Benoit PaturelYamahaFRA1'40.929
10Thomas CovingtonKawasakiUSA1'49.133
11Henry JacobiKTMDE-1Laps
12Jordi TixierKawasakiFRA-1Laps
13Brian BogersKTMNLD-1Laps
14Ivo MonticelliKTMITA-1Laps
15Samuele BernardiniTMITA-1Laps
MX2 World Standing
Rider StandingsAfter Race 14 of 19
1.Pauls JonassKTMLVA433
2.Tim GajserHondaSVN429
3.Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNLD423
4.Valentin GuillodYamahaCHE408
5.Jeremy SeewerSuzukiCHE395
6.Jordi TixierKawasakiFRA393
7.Max AnstieKawasakiGBR387
8.Julien LieberYamahaBEL340
9.Petar PetrovKTMBGR262
10.Benoit PaturelYamahaFRA259
11.Aleksandr TonkovHusqvarnaRUS256
12.Brian BogersKTMNLD243
13.Dylan FerrandisKawasakiFRA205
14.Brent VandoninckYamahaBEL189
15.Thomas CovingtonKawasakiUSA189
16.Roberts JustsKTMLVA181
30.Kevin ForsYamahaBEL28
33.Damon GraulusYamahaBEL13
51.Yannis IrsutiYamahaFRA0
Circuit Length:
Last Years Winner:
Jordi Tixier
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