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Oct 27, 2014
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Just announced, the FIM have put a temporary ban on the use of all on-board cameras that are mounted on riders.

It’s a sweeping statement that includes all cameras – not just specifically GoPro products – and relates to action sport cameras mounted on a rider’s helmet or chest.
Cameras are allowed to be mounted on the motorcycle.
This means events such as next week’s ISDE, the upcoming SuperEnduro World Championship, EWC and also the Motocross World Championship and any other FIM sanctioned event will see the use of action sports camera severely limited until further notice.
The announcement has most likely come in the wake of the news that Michael Schumacher’s skiing injury was rumoured to be caused/or intensified due to a GoPro mounted to his helmet.
Well-renowned French F1 journalist Jean Louis Moncet initially suggested the camera was partly to blame but has since backtracked stating that it was just his own opinion.

Here’s the announcement recently issued by the FIM…
“Dear All,?
The FIM Board Members have decided to prohibit temporarily On-Board cameras on the riders (helmets, plastrons etc.) in all FIM Championships.
On-Board cameras are authorized on motorbikes only.
Please take that into consideration for the ISDE 2014.
Best regards,”
So what do Enduro21’s readers think of the news? Is it the right one to make or simply a knee-jerk reaction to a situation currently been investigated?
Feed us your thoughts…

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