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Oct 27, 2014
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Wales to host Heads of the Valleys two-day extreme enduro in December…

Heads of the Valley’s is set to raise the bar in Extreme Enduro in the UK, with a format that will see a proper hard enduro course covering 20 miles of forest terrain, and a world rally car stage for bikes to qualify for the main event.

The idea originated from two riders who are truly passionate about the sport, Paul Edmondson and Nick Plumb have teamed up together to offer riders a complete new event at one of the UK’s ideal venues for the job.
Walter’s arena home to Dawn to Dusk will play host to this maiden event on December 13th and 14th 2014. The plan is to create a cross between the famous Erzberg event (Saturday) and Sunday’s main event replicating an old school extreme race similar to that of the Giles Lalay Classic an event which Fast Eddy competed in way back in the early 90’s.

Paul Edmondson: “My goal was always to run a big lap extreme event where riders are challenged by a long natural course. The venue has it all and along with Nick’s help I know we can make the best extreme event the UK has ever seen. The work starts next week and I’m looking forward to putting all my experience into the event”.
This will also mark the start of the 2015 ACU Extreme Enduro Championship which has been organised by Fast Eddy Racing for the past 4 years, a series which has grown and seen the UK and the world’s best extreme riders all racing together.
The event is open to all riders and Saturday will also see rally style bikes compete head to head in the eight mile forest stage.
For more details and entries please go to www.fasteddyracing.com

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