Husqvarna break record sales figures in 2014


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Oct 27, 2014
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2014 has been a bloody good year for Husqvarna Motorcycles…

Enjoying record figures in sales and turnover, a total number of 16,337 motorcycles were sold.
Passing the magical 100 million Euro mark in turnover, this growth provided Husqvarna Motorcycles with production and sales figures never before achieved during the iconic brand’s 111 years of motorcycle production.
Husqvarna gained significant market share in the enduro competition segment as well as making an outstanding restart into the motocross segment, where close to 6,000 Husqvarna motocross bikes were sold worldwide.
As such the brand has re-established its position as a key player within the offroad motorcycle segment.
In 2015 Husqvarna will pursue its growth strategy.

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