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Oct 27, 2014
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When you’re a professional rider you’re going to spend a lot of time on the road travelling from race to race. So what’s the best way to survive it all?

We caught up with Taylor Robert to find out how he makes it work for him…
What’s the best part about life on the road?
“Just getting the opportunity to travel around the world and ride my dirt bike in so many cool places.”
What’s your least favourite part about life on the road?
“Sitting in the middle seat of an airplane for hours with your knees buried in the seat in front of you – that sucks!”
What’s your best way to kill time at an airport?
“People watching. You see some weird and interesting people at airports.”
What’s your airport pet hate?
“I hate queues – standing in lines drives me crazy. It seems you queue up in one line to go stand in another at airports.”

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Name an essential item you pack when travelling?
“A fresh pair of Ethika underwear!”
What’s the longest trip you’ve ever been on?
“Towards the end of last year my schedule got pretty crazy. I went from the Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey to the ISDE in Argentina with a couple of EnduroCross races in between. That was hectic.”
Where’s the best place you’ve ever raced?
“The Enduro del Verano in Argentina. It’s an awesome beach race. Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey is a close second though.”
Where would you love to race?
“New Zealand – the terrain looks gnarly over there.”

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What’s the first thing you do when you get to the race?
“Go check out the track! I still love the buzz of seeing a freshly groomed track for the first time.”
What’s the best gift you have ever received from a fan?
“I had a fan give me a T-Shirt that he made himself. He drew a cartoon picture of me and got it printed on a T-Shirt – he put a lot of effort into it.”
What’s the first thing you do when you get back home?
“I have a nice American breakfast – pancakes, eggs, syrup, the works – not cheese and meat. Breakfast in Europe just isn’t the same as home.”

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