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Oct 27, 2014
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Mario Roman has been around enduro for a couple of years now but it’s his podium finishes in the last two extreme enduros along with his results in the 2015 SuperEnduro series that have propelled him into the limelight.

Third at the end of season Extreme Lagares, the just-turned 25-year-old placed second to Jonny Walker in his debut ride at last weekend’s notoriously tough Hell’s Gate. Regarded as the toughest ever edition of the event that’s one hell of a result.
With what looks like a bright future ahead of him it’s time to find out a little more about the Spaniard that’s suddenly got everyone talking.

This is Mario Roman…

Mario's 7th overall in currently SuperEnduro © Lynn /​
He’s got the right skills…
“I’m confident in the technical sections and like to ride fast too. I started to ride trials when I was five years old and rode it at a national level in Spain until I was 18. I wanted a change and switched to enduro. I enjoyed the speed element straight away and actually won the 125cc Junior World Cup title in my first season in 2010. I then finished second in the Junior class the following year. I hope that by having a good base in both disciplines will help me to succeed in extreme enduro.”
He can ski and ride motos in one day…
“I live in Madrid in central Spain and can ride bikes all year round in perfect weather. But just 15 minutes from my home I can still ski during the winter. Some days I do both. People forget that about Madrid, we’ve got the best of both worlds here.”
He Almost Became World Champion…
“I fought for the Enduro Junior World Championship in 2011 but came just 12 points shy of winning it. It’s been the highlight of my racing career so far, even though I didn’t win the title. I had a great season. I won five days and finished on the podium eight times but before the final round I got injured and wasn’t able to perform at my best. It’s disappointing not to be world champion but this is also part of racing – I gave it my best shot.”

© Edmunds /​
He can cook a mean fish dinner…
“I like to cook in my spare time. My father is a chief so he’s always been teaching me ways to cook as I grew up. My favourite dish is fish – the full works. From gutting and preparing the meat to putting it on the table – I really like to work in the kitchen.”
He races a two-stroke…
“The two-stroke seems to be a good fit for me at the moment. It was only last year that I switched to the bike in enduro after a couple of seasons on four strokes. Now I’m beginning to feel stronger on it. This is the right one for me and for extreme enduro.”

© Edmunds /​
Racing has taught him a lot…
“I guess racing has taught me a lot in life. You can’t always plan how things will work out. You just have to go with the flow and how you feel. As a kid I wanted to be a trials world champion, I never thought I’d win a title in enduro but I did. I wanted to win more in the EWC but unfortunately it can be a tough sport. The window of opportunity is limited especially if you get hurt. You’ve just got to take things day by day.”
Extreme enduro is a good future for him…
“I wanted to stay longer in the EWC but without a lot of support it’s hard to run with the best. I’m enjoying the new challenge of extreme enduro and even with little support and few helpers you can achieve a lot. So much of it is down to the rider and I like that. With more and more experience I really feel like I can be successful here.”

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