Moto101 - October Lesotho Tour - Date: 25th to the 27th October


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Mar 26, 2014
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We are Back in ACTION !!!!!

Please join us for our Next Lesotho Tour in October.

Date: 25th to the 27th October 2019

The trip will consist of Maluti Challenge and a Social Tour.
The social tour is for the members who haven't ridden Lesotho before, or who have but are not interested in bashing up and down extreme passes all day long.
It will still be challenging, intermediate or above riders only. If you are not sure ask.

Spaces are limited so put your name down quickly.

A bunch of us will be heading out to Lesotho for an absolutely incredible weekend of riding in the best possible place on earth to do it.

The tour will have two VERY different and distinct groups of riders. We will have two training groups for the Roof of Africa (Max 6 Riders plus 1 Guide per Group) and the other group will be aimed at the intermediate/social ride where the riders aren't chasing big KM's and passes all day long.

space will be very limited so please confirm quickly and pay you deposits ASAP.

For the intermediate/social ride, you will be doing some of the Recent Roof Routes route to give you a taste of what its like.
Don't worry about not being fit or good enough to do the actual Roof, we wont be doing the same distances or with the same stresses and you will have people riding with you to help and make sure you don't get lost. GPS is advisable.

For the Roof Training guys, there are no rules. the routes will be long and tough so that we can use the weekend to train for the monster coming up in December. You will need a GPS for the tour.

Fridays Ride:
Roof Group 1 & 2 Depart @ 12:00 sharp - approx. 40kms ride - mixed terrain (2 Passes)
Inter/Social Departs @ 12:15 Sharp - approx 60kms ride - mixed, flowing terrain no major passes.

Saturdays Ride:
Roof Group 1 & 2 Depart @ 7:30 sharp - approx. 100kms ride - tough terrain (5/6 Passes)
Inter/Social Departs @ 7:45 Sharp - approx 80kms ride - mixed, flowing terrain with two or three passes

Roof Group 1 & 2 Depart @ 7:30 sharp - approx. 40kms ride - tough terrain (2/3 Passes) - OPTIONAL
Inter/Social Departs @ 7:45 Sharp - approx 30kms ride - mixed, flowing terrain - OPTIONAL

Venue: Roma Trading Post or Malongoane Lodge (TBC)

Date: 25th to the 27th October

Cost: roughly R 1800.00 per person. Includes Accommodation, breakfast plus compulsory Rider Community Levy and your riding guides.

Whats its about - Intermediate / Social

We will be taking a group of riders on a social ride through the mountain kingdom to show you guys what riding heaven truly looks like. The routes themselves have a fair amount of technical sections in them with a lot of flowing recovery sections. The idea is for you, the rider, to enjoy the surreal riding in Lesotho and to have an enjoyable weekend. This ride is not about afkak and pain and suffering however you still need to be a competent rider not only in ability but also experience of out-riding is also required.


You'll need to take leave for Friday the 25th October to make the departure time of 04:30 AM That gives us time to get down to Lesotho, Fill Jerry Cans etc and get to the Lodge in time to ride the Friday route. If you don't want to ride Friday you can come on your own later in the day.


Please make sure that you have your Vehicle and Trailer papers with you as well an in date License Disc. The Lesotho Police are notorious for giving you serious uphill if you do not have your ducks in a row. They will also spot fine the hell out of you.

Don’t forget your PASSPORT

Bike Prep:

Please make sure you bike is 100% mechanically sound. Lesotho is not the place to breakdown. Please make sure you have at least double thick tubes and slime in your tyres. Standard MX Tubes are not acceptable. If you do not have mousses, please carry a spare tube and tools to replace this tube. Mousses or Tubliss are highly recommended!


Please do not get fuel in SA as the border will give you grief about it. There is a garage Just through the Border where we can fill Jerry cans etc. the Fuel is also cheaper in Lesotho.


It is advisable to carry Levers, 2T Oil, Spare Oiled Air filters, Chain Lube, Pratley Steel and whatever basics spares you feel you may need

Rider Fuel:

Lesotho can be a very tough place to ride, please make sure you bring your electrolyte replacement or carbo drink so that you do not dehydrate. Also pack energy bars, jungle oats bars or peanut butter sarmies in your camelback so that you can replace the energy that you will be burning on the ride. Cramp blockers are also a great idea for the rides as they help slow down the onset of cramps.

Medical Aid:

It is not advisable to come on a trip like this without medical aid, Lesotho is remote and their infrastructure is 3rd world.

Cell Phone:

Please bring and at all times ride with a cell phone. If you do not have international roaming please let us know so we can organize you a SIM card and Airtime from the lodge. This will be for your own account but is cheap if only to be used in emergencies. Make provision in your riding kit for a safe place to store and carry your cell phone. We will swap numbers with everyone on the ride and your guide at the lodge.

Bookings will close on the 16th of October. To Secure your spot you will need to make a 50% Deposit by then. If you miss the cut off, your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list.

Please add your name to the list and then mail and include the following details:

Forum Name
Telephone number
Email Address
Medical Aid Provider
Medical Aid Policy Number
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Number
Ride Type (Opfok / Social)
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Mar 26, 2014
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If it's the last weekend in October I might join. Matat2Pont is the end of September so will need to work on another pass with SWAMBO!


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Mar 26, 2014
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how many spots are roughly available for the social ride?
Social / Intermediate
Guides: BigMike and Possibly 250
Riders: 10

If we have more, i will split the groups and add more guides (all demand dependent)

Maluti Challenge
Guides: Warren Bredenkamp and AN Other
Riders: 8