MuddX Newbies at De Wildt - Saturday, 22nd August 2020


The Old Ballie
Mar 27, 2014
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Dear Noobie Dirt Biker.

There are two types of dirt biker out there. The Motocrosser (these are the folk that prefer track riding with jumps and berms and the like), and the Enduro rider or outrider (that’s me – take your bike out into the bush and deal with what nature throws at you).

If you’re just getting into the game and the “outride” option is the one doing it for you right now then read on.

One of the biggest problems for new enduro enthusiasts is that the available places to go and ride in Gauteng are very limited, and due to the ever increasing number of like minded enthusiasts, very crowded. Most folk in this game have heard of the De Wildt area in the North West Province near Brits. It is considered the mecca for outriding if you’re from the Gauteng or North West Provinces. The only problem is that it has this stigma attached that it is only suitable for intermediate or extremely seasoned riders. This is absolutely not so!!!!

What MuddX’s Introduction to Outrides and De Wildt events tries to accomplish are the following:
  • Introduce new offroad riders to a proper Outride
  • Introduce new offroad riders to De Wildt
  • Provide some basic dirt biking tips & tricks
  • Make sure that everyone has so much fun and gains enough confidence to return on their own and enjoy this sport
How we do this is very simple. We take between 20 – 25 riders on a well organised outride that leaves from and returns to the Morula Sun Hotel or the De Wildt Police Station. The pace of the ride is limited to that of the slowest in the group. We have frequent stops to:

  • Show you where you are in the De Wildt area, with specific reference to recognisable landmarks
  • Explain the type of terrain coming up
  • Explain how best to ride the terrain coming up
There are usually at least five MuddX marshals to assist. One in the lead, one at the rear, one on each flank, and one roving up and down the rider column. We make sure that nobody gets lost, that nobody is pushed beyond their limits, and that everybody has fun. If there is an obstacle on the trail that a rider is not comfortable with, there is never any pressure to attack it. One of the MuddX marshals will either take your bike across the obstacle for you or show you an alternate route around it.

There is a drinks and snacks stop during the ride and a snack and drinks when we return.

Both the Morula Sun Hotel and Police Station are approximately an hour’s drive from Johannesburg. We meet there between 7:30 and 8:00 and try to get riding by as close to 9:00 as we can. We usually return back to the Hotel by 14:00-14:30.

The event will cost each rider R375.00 which includes the half way snacks and drinks and the final snacks and drinks.

If this interests you, give me a shout on 083 615 8776 or drop me an e-mail at

Hope to see you there

Steve Lauter
083 615 8776