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Apr 3, 2014
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Just Google KTK 790 issues. I will leave it right there. (One guy in my riding group has one and he went so far as to take his advocate with him to KTM to sort out the shit) I'm not sure how far he will get but it should be further than his last trip on the 790 when it had to be recovered in Standerton. But at least another buddy of ours was kind enough to lift him back on his GS.
I just Google'd KTK 790 issues and found nothing?
We have a good few in our riding group and have had no serious issues and we do a decent amount of riding, and some decent offroad riding.
Dean burn't his back brake system, but he's own fault. I broke off a back brake line and ABS sensor, but also my own fault.
It's the normal story, the most complaints are hearsay and come from people that don't own one - much like yourself, a KTM closet fan ;)