Paul bolton – mixing it up in superenduro


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Oct 27, 2014
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Better known for his fun loving extreme enduro skills Paul Bolton is having a serious crack at this year’s SuperEnduro World Championship.

Three rounds in and Bolton is currently eighth overall in the championship standings. With the green light to take in the fly-away races in Mexico and Brazil he’s got his sights set on getting a lot closer to the top five…
Paul, why now to have a serious crack at SuperEnduro?
“The time is just right and I’ve a good team behind me to do it. SuperEnduro is really similar to the prologues in extreme enduro, which I have had some great success in, so I wanted to give it a proper go. When I tried to get into SuperEnduro in the past, I realised that as a privateer the money aspect was going to hold me back – having to set a bike up for SuperEnduro and then get to races all over the world."
Explain a little more about the team supporting you to compete in the entire series.
“One of the major reasons I am competing this year is because of the OTT group. I’m not a factory-supported rider but they saw my results and offered to step in. They prepare an awesome bike, send it to every event and get me there too. Honestly I couldn’t do this without them.”

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As a full-time privateer is it tough against the factory boys?
“When I’m changing a truck tyre at work and see on Facebook that everyone else is practising like mad it’s kind of though. But I’m happy. I don’t have it bad at all. The OTT Group are making it happen for me. They’ve been awesome and I can’t complain at all.”
After three rounds of the series you’re currently eighth overall. Are you pleased with that?
“Yeah! The first three races have gone really well. I never expected anything more than just qualifying through to the finals because I’m not on the grading list. So this is always my first goal at every race. I know that I can get a better result and I am pushing hard to get there. I’ve had a few races where I have been in the top five but then disaster strikes!”
With three rounds left in Mexico, Brazil and France what’s your goals for the rest of the season?
“SuperEnduro is still all new to me, so I am learning all of the time. Obviously a podium result would be incredible but I want to crack the top five. If everything goes well I know I’m capable of doing it.”

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