Podium Results For Yamaha Racing At ISDE

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Mar 31, 2014
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Podium Results For Yamaha Racing At ISDE
Yamaha Racing enjoyed a strong week of competition at the FIM International Six Days Enduro in Slovakia with podium results in the Enduro 1, Enduro 2 and Women's classes.
Ending his week on a high, Yamaha Australia's Daniel Milner was the best performing Yamaha rider in the Slovakian ISDE. Competing in the highly competitive Enduro 2 category, the Australian fought his way through six tough and demanding days of racing to place second overall in his class while also ending his week as runner-up in the outright individual classification.
In the Enduro 1 category there were two top five results for Yamaha's WR250F mounted riders. Placing as the best performing rider in the quarter litre category, Team Yamaha Miglio's Cristobal Guerrero fought his way to third place. Close behind the Spaniard in fifth was Australia's Josh Green. Finishing just one position behind Green, Yamaha France's Marc Bourgeois was sixth while also helping France to victory in the FIM World Trophy team competition.
Dominating proceedings in the Women's category, Australia's Tayla Jones was simply unbeatable in Slovakia. Winning all but two of the event's special tests, Jones secured a commanding 11-minute margin of victory on her WR250F. Joined on the podium by her countrywoman Jemma Wilson in second, the Yamaha mounted duo helped deliver Australia a runaway win in the FIM Women's World Trophy team classification.
There was also further success for Yamaha in the Manufacturers Award with the Yamaha Australia team of Green, Milner and Beau Ralston narrowly missing out on victory by one second to finish as runners-up.

Daniel Milner
"It's been a good week. I managed to win a day outright while also consistently challenge for the overall victory. Of course I'd love to have taken the win but to end six days of racing just 45 seconds behind isn't really a bad thing. Overall I can't fault how things have gone. My bike was flawless and aside from swapping handlebars and suspension I pretty much rode my bike as it came out of the crate. To deliver this level of result on it is fantastic."

Cristobal Guerrero
"It's been a great experience and I'm really happy I finished. It took a while to get a good feeling on the terrain but after day two my times improved. It was a tough race and the rain made it harder. The ISDE is so different to the World Championship. There are many riders you have to pass each lap and new lines in special tests. You have to stay focused till the end."

Marc Bourgeois
"It's been a hard race - a real test for man and machine. Of course I'm delighted to have helped France to victory in the World Trophy classification but I've had some tough days that have hurt my individual results. Despite being strong early on I actually had a crash that injured my wrist and maybe broke my finger, so I'm very pleased to have finished the race."

Tayla Jones
"I think this week has gone even better than I could have expected. My first goal was to defend our Women's World Trophy title, which we did. But to win every day and only lose two special tests - both to Jemma - has been incredible."

Results – FIM International Six Days Enduro 2015
World Trophy Team
1. France - 21:08:30.76
Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha), Anthony Boissiere (Sherco), Loic Larrieu (Sherco), Antoine Basset (KTM), Jeremy Joly (KTM), Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna)
2. Australia - 21:09:31.14
Joshua Green (Yamaha), Daniel Milner (Yamaha), Matthew Phillips (KTM), Beau Ralston (Yamaha), Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna), Glenn Kearney (Husqvarna)
3. Spain - 21:18:57.52
Jonathan Barragan (Gas Gas), Jaume Betriu (Husqvarna), Josep Garcia (Husqvarna), Victor Guerrero (KTM), Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco), Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha)
Junior World Trophy
1. Australia - 12:56:33.09
Broc Grabham (Sherco), Tom Mason (KTM), Daniel Sanders (KTM), Tye Simmonds (KTM)
2. Sweden - 13:11:59.93
Jesper Borjesson (Husqvarna), Michael Persson (Yamaha), John Ramstrom (Husqvarna), Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas)
3. Italy - 13:23:17.17
Nicolo Bruschi (Honda), Matteo Pavoni (KTM), Mirko Spandre (KTM), Michele Marchelli (Husqvarna)
Women’s World Trophy
1. Australia - 10:15:02.65
Jessica Gardiner (Sherco), Tayla Jones (Yamaha), Jemma Wilson (Yamaha)
2. France - 11:10:56.38
Blandine Dufrene (KTM), Geraldine Fournel (Sherco), Audrey Rossat (Husqvarna)
3. Sweden - 11:30:23.63
1. Jessica Jonsson (Kawasaki), Emelie Karlsson (Yamaha), Emmily Smalsjo (Yamaha)
Enduro 1
1. Jamie McCanney (Husqvarna) 4:12:06.87
2. Anthony Boissiere (Sherco) 4:13:24.64
3. Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha) 4:13:30.25

5. Joshua Green (Yamaha) 4:15:17.86
6. Marc Bourgeois (Yamaha) 4:15:56.18
10. Michael Persson (Yamaha) 4:20:56.41
12. Jonathan Rosse (Yamaha) 4:24:03.99
14. Johan Edlund (Yamaha) 4:24:17.95
15. Anthony Geslin (Yamaha) 4:26:07.55
21. Brett Swanepoel (Yamaha) 4:29:48.27
28. Jean-Baptiste Nicolot (Yamaha) 4:34:59.83
31. Lukasz Kedzierski (Yamaha) 4:39:16.27
46. Daniel-Christian Van Zyl (Yamaha) 5:03:58.71

Enduro 2
1. Ryan Sipes (Husqvarna) 4:07:37.44
2. Daniel Milner (Yamaha) 4:08:20.83
3. Loic Larrieu (Sherco) 4:10:50.21

8. Grant Baylor (Yamaha) 4:16:12.83
9. Beau Ralston (Yamaha) 4:16:20.13
44. Kenneth Gilbert (Yamaha) 4:38:15.76

Enduro Women
1. Tayla Jones (Yamaha) 5:02:57.80
2. Jemma Wilson (Yamaha) 5:14:35.17

3. Jessica Gardiner (Sherco) 5:15:10.93

6. Emelie Karlsson (Yamaha) 5:33:01.51
12. Marita Nyqvist (Yamaha) 6:17:22.70
14. Emmily Smalsjo (Yamaha) 6:57:16.41

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