Some Lesotho and Giants Castle advice please


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Apr 3, 2014
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Hi chaps

Thought there would be a few guys here who has some 'Berg experience? I'm planning a hike from Giant's Castle to Sani over the escarpment.

My question to start:

What to do passport wise? Once we reach Sani on the way out/back, we wont have a SA exit and Lesotho entry stamp. Does this derail the plan entirely? What do people do when they do a Drakensberg Grand Traverse or other hikes and spend a lot of time in Lesotho? Just afraid of getting caught on the Lesotho side and having trouble there.

Suppose it would make more sense entering at Sani, but for reasons we want to do it the other way around.

Appreciate your thoughts.


NotSoDangerous, Dave!
Mar 30, 2014
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Go down at a pass other than sani to avoid border post is my 2c.
There are only a few spots up top that are actually SA land so usually you are in and out of Lesotho without even realising it.
Vertical Endevour has all the info you need, but really go up where you want to, go down away from official border and you will be fine.
The autumn weather window is coming up, Nov/Dec you will get afternoon weather systems which are not fun up top.
Also further south seems safer in terms of theft and rock throwing.
Wouldn't worry about being caught in Lesotho, the amount of smugglers running up and down mnweni side keep any officials busy not that there are any that I have ever seen.