Taylor robert out with wrist injury


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Oct 27, 2014
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American EnduroCross racer to undergo surgery to repair injured wrist...

Taylor Robert is disappointed to once again start out his season with an injury. The Red Bull KTM was dealing with a nagging wrist injury since December, but closer inspection revealed a broken bone in his left wrist. He is set to undergo surgery to repair the broken scaphoid on March 3, 2015, and will consequently be out for eight weeks.
Robert will miss the first two rounds of the AMA EnduroCross Series, and will also miss competing in the remaining three rounds of the FIM Super Enduro Championship, which he had been competing in since December.
Robert had the following to say on his Facebook page:
“Well after riding and racing on what two different doctors thought was just a sprained wrist or a bone bruise for the last two months, I was finally diagnosed with a scaphoid fracture. I am getting surgery on it March 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] and I will be out for eight weeks. Really bummed about this since I will be missing the last three Super Enduros and the first couple EnduroCross races.”
Taylor Robert – one of only four racers to take event wins in the 2014 AMA EnduroCross Series – started off last year with an injury, as well. The factory KTM rider took a handlebar to the gut and tore his intestine, requiring surgery and several weeks of bed rest. It took him several months and about half the series to get back to what he felt was 100%, and once he did, was a formidable threat – proving he was more than capable of getting on the podium, and even fight for wins.
Robert was expected to be a front-runner in the 2015 EnduroCross championship alongside Cody Webb and Colton Haaker, but unfortunately now has to watch his bid for the title slip away before the series even begins.
Heal up quickly Taylor…

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