Ty tremaine – “i can skin a deer...”


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Oct 27, 2014
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Ty Tremaine might be a new name in the SuperEnduro World Championship but he hasn’t wasted any time introducing himself. Two rounds into the series and Tremaine tops the point’s standings in the Junior class...

After a stellar 2014 season that saw him win the AMA EnduroCross Junior Championship, Ty flew across the Atlantic Ocean to tackle the Euro series. Claiming three wins from three starts he hit the ground running. Backing that up with another win in Germany he now holds an eight-point advantage over Andreas Linusson ahead of this weekend’s GP of Finland.
With results like that it’s time to find out a little more about the 19-year-old…
Cody Webb is his teammate
“It’s awesome to have a guy like Cody Webb in my corner. He’s the EnduroCross champion and has serious skills on a bike. We live quite close and get to train together a lot. It’s cool watching some of the stuff he can do on a bike and then try to repeat it.”
He’s not short of riding trails
“I love where I live. It’s right along the Sierra Nevada mountain range so outside my backdoor are basically thousands of acres of untouched land. We’ve got everything you could ever want to ride a dirt bike on – there’s miles and miles of hidden single track trails.”

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He’s always been an off road guy
“I never really got into motocross. My Dad brought home a bike when I was about three years old and I’ve been riding off road since then. When I got a little older I started racing and did the desert series in North Nevada and after that the WORC series. About two years ago I gave endurocross a shot and quickly found that it suited my style.”
Ty is a two-stroke guy
“Last year I raced a 350 four-stroke in the EnduroCross series but have since switched to a 300cc two-stroke for SuperEnduro. It’s taken a little while to adjust but I’m beginning to enjoy it a lot now.”
He can skin a deer
“I’m a big time hunter – I know how to skin a deer. I live along the Sierra Nevada mountain range so whenever I’m not riding my bike I’m in the forest hunting for game and whatever we can put on the dinner table. I hate being stuck indoors.”
He nearly didn’t make it to the SuperEnduro GP of Poland
“The first round of the SuperEnduro series in Poland was my first trip out of America. I’d never travelled internationally before so it was a bit of an adventure. The weather was a bit crazy and we got stuck in a few airports and missed our transfers. We nearly didn’t make it.”

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