Umfolozi Outride


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Aug 10, 2015
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Richards Bay
Hey Guys

While on my quarterly visit to sunny South Africa we decided to take advantage of the drought and klap some river beds in good ol Banana Land.

My dad was support riding for us with the bakkie while my brother in law and myself took the two wheeled approach, being a bit of a sand roach I was not used to riding through rocks and some really gnarly terrain that saw Ashley wiggling underneath me like a donkey being mounted for the first time, but I adjusted fairly fast and thanks to all the youtube videos I've been watching managed to have a great time. Was a bit worried about my bike since this is the longest trip I've ever done with her but despite the harsh conditions she handled like a champ and never gave me a minute's worth of shit.

We started out on about 7 km worth of gravel road passing by a few game farms before we entered in what I can only describe as a "very rural community" since people came out of their houses to wave and stare at us like they are seeing dirt bikers for the first time in their lives. After this we came to a bridge followed by the instruction "Gan hier af tot jy by n T aansluiting kom in die rivier bed dan gan julle lings tot julle by n groot brug kom, ons sal da vir julle wag"

Well away we started full of joy and anticipation, since we could see only sand until the first turn. I shifted my weight onto the back wheel and banged down the river bed like a bat out of hell with Ashley roaring her joy between my legs. Until I came around the first bend and saw rocks for the first time in my life while sitting on my bike. Quickly trying to remember all the shit I learned about rock riding and line selection all those boring days in the office, after half and hour I found I was enjoying myself immensely. Fancying myself as the love child of Walker and Jarvis. :icon_e_biggrin::icon_e_biggrin:

Well anyway after about an hour of this we came to a wire spanned across the river bed, the borders of the game park. Still yet to see a "T aansluiting" or n "Groot Brug" of anything.... tried to phone my dad on the phone but with absolutely zero reception in this remote part of South Africa. Thought about cutting the wire with my leather man but didn't fancy a .306 in my back from a game ranger's rifle, and so we turned back till we could get reception and arrange to meet my dad back at the starting point.

After that it was a pretty chilled ride but still great fun. Will definitely be doing this again once I'm back home. :banana::banana:

My brother in law in the river bed, propped up his bike with a bull skull.