Wolwekloof Nightride 1 - Some Important info.


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Mar 5, 2018
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Hi guys.
As most of you know, NightRide 1 is 29 September.
It does not seem like we would be getting any rain before then, so if you fit a helmet light, fit it below eye level.
The Blue loop group would be affected by dust the most as they will traverse the beginner loop (Blue Loop) which traverses a lot of soil.
The Red Group (Intermediate) and Purple group (Advanced) will be riding on rocks most of the time so they would be less affected, but still. Fit those LED headlamps below eye level please.
Also, If you have not done a night enduro ride before, please make sure you bring lighting for when you load your bike and un-kit by your vehicle.
Also remember that we do not sell alcohol/drinks/snacks/food at the venue so please bring your own. There are braai's there so you are welcome as always to toast some meat.
Please do NOT booze before the ride.
Lastly, make sure your bike is serviceable and reliable. You will be riding in groups and mechanical breakdowns will hold back the whole group. If your bike is iffy, skip this one and join the next one when it is solid.

First lap starts just before sunset. All three groups will be taken on their loops and will experience sunset. This is also your chance to have a look at the lines you will be riding in the dark.
We will then wait a bit, do checks and headcounts, and head out for the second lap when it is dark.

For nightride 1 we will do it in groups and stay in groups. You will not be allowed to go explore the venue on your own at night (Get lost, get hurt, etc and we cannot find you). The farm is 780 hectares. Finding a downed rider between the rocks and bushes in the dark would be nearly impossible.

We have had one or two riders asking if we will cancel the event (or any future night rides) if it rains.
The simple answer is HELL NO. Doing a night ride in the rain is something you will never forget. The rocks by us are not the type that gets snotty when wet. Traction is still very good and safe so we actually hope for a rainy night ride during the year. We will at worst pause the start for lightning, but not for rain.

Guys this is not a race. It is a social ride. Its about the experience, not a training session or a chance for you to show your buddies you are quick even when you cannot see.
I'm sure you guys know the rest. Common sense applies.
Be safe, but have fun!


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Apr 3, 2014
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I hit most obstacles with my eyes closed anyway, so I should be good. :icon_lol: