Yamaha Racing looking for success at the ISDE in Slovakia

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Mar 31, 2014
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Yamaha Racing looking for success at the ISDE in Slovakia
Yamaha Racing are set to fight for winning results in the Enduro 1 class at the International Six Days Enduro, held this year in Košice, Slovakia. With the world's best enduro riders coming together for the 90[SUP]th[/SUP] running of the prestigious ISDE, Yamaha Racing are well supported in the event.
Yamaha France's Marc Bourgeois heads to Košice as a member of France's World Trophy team. Starting the event as defending champions, France aims to secure their fourth consecutive ISDE World Trophy victory. Competing in the highly competitive E1 category, Bourgeois is one of the favourites for top honours. Ending the 2014 event in Argentina as runner-up in the class, the Yamaha rider is looking to go one better in 2015.
Absent from the ISDE in 2014, Cristobal Guerrero returns to ISDE competition in 2015 aboard his Team Yamaha Miglio WR 250F, where he'll compete as a member of Spain's World Trophy team. Following some mixed results during this year's Enduro World Championship, Guerrero is keen to use the weeklong race in Slovakia as a way to get back on top form prior to the Enduro World Championship's season ending at the GP of France next month.
The 90[SUP]th[/SUP] running of the International Six Days Enduro brings together close to 500 riders from all corners of the world, with 23 World Trophy and 19 Junior Trophy teams participating.
The International Six Days Enduro is the first and longest standing annual competition in the FIM racing calendar, dating back to 1913. Originally called the ISDT the event is a team-based competition with riders competing in four classes - World Trophy, Junior World Trophy, Women's World Trophy and Club Teams.
The ISDE takes place in Košice, Slovakia from September 7-12.

Marc Bourgeois
"The ISDE is a very special event. France is expected to do well, and as a team we are all looking forward to this year's race. Despite some rain it looks like conditions will be very dry, but as always the ISDE will be a tough race. From what we have seen of the special tests everything looks good. My bike is ready, I am ready, so now we are just looking forward to the start on Monday."

Cristobal Guerrero
"Being back racing in the ISDE is great. It is a very special race and being a part of the Spanish team is important to me. Spain has a very good team this year, and the dry conditions should be good for us. As always there is a lot of competition in the Enduro 1 class. Delivering good results for the team is the most important thing, but I also want to get a good result for myself. I'm looking forward to starting the race now."
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