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Hi, ek stel belang in die Navara rollbar, tonneu cover en seat covers.

Stuur asb jou nr sodat ek kan bel.

Hi I would love to speak to you regarding the kyb conversion on the wp forks. Can I maybe get your contact detail? Thanks in advance
Hi Everyone,

I need some advice. I'm a big guy at 1.86m tall and weight 150kg.
If been riding since a young age and been out of action for about 10 years now.

I'm thinking about getting a 450cc like the WR450f of something in that line, but my riding skills are lacking so I'm worried that a 450cc is too much bike for me.
I know I can adjust the suspension a bit and I'm working at loosing a bit of weight.
Can you give me your opinions. Please don't be nasty!
Hi Wade , my name is Dave , I'm building the same yz125 you just did yours came out great , I just had a quick question . I saw you used the stock carb did you use the stock manifold ? I can get the carb in there fine but I can't hook up a cable . Any help or pics would be a great help thanks Dave
Hi, you talking about the YZ200 bike I posted? That was done by a friend. I’ll ask him what pipe he used for you
Hi , I'm building the same bike as you , what pipe did you use ? It looks like it fits better then the modified wr exhaust . Thanks Dave

Sorry to bother you, loved your thread on the wp cc to kyb conversion.

I have the aer 48 forks and am looking to do the conversion, do you have any experiance doing the conversikn to the aer 48?

Hi. I saw u r selling a free ride 250. Wanted to know if it’s still available. I am looking for a bike for my 11 year old. Not sure if it might be a little big for him. ThNks. Simon
I just wanted to write you a private message, but It said that you have recieved to much private messages and you should delete some before I can text you again.
maybe you could give me. quick e-mail on:

Greetings from Austria :thumbs up:
Number is 079 492 4468, you can whatsapp me some pictures of the flywheel and casings, will give an idea of if I can make one or not, it was for the KTM right?
Howzit man, whats ur contact number? Im based in Centurion so might not be able to bring bike anytime soon regarding the flywheel weight. Is there anything on the bike i can take pics of to help? Thanks Brandon